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Our teams work with clients across the financial industry to drive change in their businesse...

Our teams work with clients across the financial industry to drive change in their businesses - using our smart automation technology to change what’s possible. Our platform allows us to work with what clients have in place and augment with new capabilities quickly. To modernise or build new business solutions. Technology alone is not enough though, understanding how it can be used in the context of the business is the critical component. Our teams come from the markets they serve and have a deep understanding of the day-to-day operational challenges faced by our customers. Whether bringing new efficiencies to electronic trading, consolidating post-trade infrastructure, implementing real-time payment capabilities or building an enterprise data integration hub, our approach is always to focus on what the outcome is to the end client. Getting there is the interesting part - combining real business subject matter expertise with our modular pre-build components, our low-code framework and our rapid integration framework allows us to implement solutions for our clients that are scalable and fit for purpose today and in the future. A good example is the work we are doing in Fixed Income automation. The ability to automate more processes and improve trader and sales-trader workflows produces real benefits. Our experience in capital markets over the last 20 years coupled with leveraging new UI technologies and accelerated development techniques, empowers our clients to get the most out of our systems and automate new workflows quickly. Similarly in Transaction Automation, through our modular Payments Suite we can help clients reduce cost through the automation of standard payment execution processes such as all varieties of SEPA or cross border SWIFT. Wrapping around this core the XGen, our low-code, no- code platform, is easing integration into legacy environments and channels, or transforming messages to comply with updated regulation around ISO 20022. Lastly, clients are extending the use of XGen to build revenue driving value added services and new applications supporting the emerging crypto, CBDC or instant cross-border requirements of clients. Our teams are there for the initial implementation, as well as partnering with clients to deliver ongoing benefits as needs change. We continue to invest in new low-code solutions that can be added to the framework, resulting in a more agile and flexible environment. Working together we are changing what’s possible in financial services. You can read Joachim's article and further industry insights in the latest edition of The Financial Technologist. Download your free copy here.
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