BMLL: A Culture of Excellence, Innovation and Collaboration

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We believe our entire team should be recognised for what they have achieved to make this com...

We believe our entire team should be recognised for what they have achieved to make this company what it is today. They’ve done this by challenging themselves, whether that’s going the last mile to find that new client, securing first class investors to bolster our equity story, or telling the world about it with the support of our fantastic marketing team. At the end of the day, we are always striving to attract the very best talent, precisely because we want to be surrounded by the best people, so that we can continue to drive the success that BMLL has become. Over the past 12 months, BMLL has become an exceptionally exciting place to work. We are very fortunate to have a number of excellent eminent investors backing us, including Nasdaq Ventures, FactSet and IQ Capital Growth Fund (our Series B investors), and most recently Snowflake Ventures. Behind our attractiveness as an investment is indeed our Tier 1 client base, from financial institutions to regulators and academics. We have some of the smartest data scientists from the industry, we deliver a complex product that works, and we take pride in presenting our capabilities to market. I know my salespeople revel in that, including our recently expanded sales organisation in the United States. We believe BMLL is one of the best workplaces for talent investment. We actively encourage a culture where, from day one, we have strived to promote from within. We invest in our young people, and also ensure that we develop team activities so that people can realise opportunities. This goes beyond attending courses and conferences, we also ensure that our young people actually get exposed to senior executive and go-to-market meetings. I’m strongly of the opinion that they need to be allowed to make mistakes to guide their development process. Ultimately, it's our job to create the leaders of tomorrow. We work very hard to establish a positive and collaborative environment, by encouraging and celebrating people who make a difference, and recognising them for doing so. This is true all the way from working on our product, data coverage and go-to-market strategies, to initiating and carrying out charity work as a team. Everybody, every day, makes a difference. We challenge each other all the time to do more and do better, so that each person can grow to become a leader in their own right. First and foremost, at BMLL we put an enormous emphasis on team and culture. Culture, like a relationship, isn’t something you can take for granted. As CEO, I believe that every single day, work needs to be put in to ensure that we have the right culture, and everybody in the team contributes to that journey. I also believe in leading from the front, andwon’t ask anything of anyone that I wouldn’t do myself. Hopefully this will inspire others to do the same. We are very excited to submit BMLL as a nominee for this year’s The Top 1% Workplace Awards by Harrington Starr. We thought we would take this opportunity to outline why we think working at BMLL is a unique experience, and one that I’m incredibly proud to be a part of. Read more articles like this in The Financial Technologist. Download your free copy here.

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