The HS Candidate Experience

We understand that candidates are the lifeblood of our organisation and pride ourselves on our service-driven approach to ensure you are successful in both the short and long term.


    We will make sure your CV is the best it can possibly be before we send it 

  • Interview training

    We meet every candidate before their first interview, where possible, to talk through the biggest do's and don'ts and smaller nuances to ensure success at every stage


    Harrington Starr TV has videos on everything from interview guides to the most common technical tests, all geared towards preparing you for success


    Every consultant in the business has a forensic knowledge of their market, representing you to your dream job on a personal level


    The Financial Technologist brings you the latest news from the industry as well as tips and tools such as the Salary Survey Breakdown so you'll always know your value


     Register to Harrington Starr's website with one click and get updates of the latest jobs in your space as soon as they come live



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    Buy & Sell Side Trading Systems

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    Sales, Product & Marketing

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    Low Latency, FIX Connectivity & Market Data

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    Senior & Executive Hires

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    Trade, Operations & System Support

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    Change, BA, PM​

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    Cyber Security

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    Testing & Quality Assurance

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    Big Data, Database & Business Intelligence

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    Quant Dev & Algo Trading

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    Data Science, Crypto Currency, Digital Currency & Blockchain


Our Services

    • Well presented CVs
    • Fully Qualified Candidates
    • CVs Interviewed and Met
    • Full Contractor Care
    • Post Placement Service
    • Hand Delivered Offers
    • Management Information
    • Detailed Statistics Reports
    • Performance Reviews
    • Starr Talent Alerts
    • Access to Database
    • Search Global Advertising
    • Competency Interviewing
    • STAR Interviews
    • On-Boarding Assistance
    • Agreed Delivery SLA's
    • Social Media PR
    • You Will be Listened To
    • Fully Compliant Contractors
    • Regulatory Protection
    • Monthly Contract Invoicing
    • On Site Meetings
    • Job Spec Development
    • Job Spec Writing
    • Full Insurance
    • Account Managers
    • Full Qualification of Needs

Have you thought about recruitment?

At Harrington Starr we understand the importance of bringing A Players into the business. If you have experience in recruitment, sales or FinTech software, click below and find out more about how a career with The Harrington Starr Group could be around the corner.


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