Toby Wyatt

Associate Vice President

Toby, a seasoned professional with seven years in the recruitment industry, initially found his way into the field after leaving university without a clear career path. Drawn by the prospect of a role where effort translates to progress, he stumbled upon recruitment and has been recommending it ever since.

Currently managing teams and aiming to establish a top-notch contracting setup in London, Toby's career aspirations are ambitious. His advice to those seeking their next career move is straightforward: when you know, you know. Taking the plunge, even when it seems daunting, is worth it in the end.

For Toby, standout candidates are those with strong experience and a pleasant personality—keeping it simple yet effective. Joining Harrington Starr was a decision fuelled by the belief that the world is his oyster within the company. Toby values the opportunities, the board's support, and the correlation between hard work and success. The vibrant culture and continuous learning environment at Harrington Starr make every day a valuable experience.

Reflecting on what sets Harrington Starr apart, Toby highlights exceptional marketing, a genuine understanding of the business, and the absence of typical recruitment jargon. These factors, he believes, make Harrington Starr stand out as an industry leader.

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