Ollie Bluck

Recruitment Consultant

Ollie contributes significantly to our team here at Harrington Starr, drawing from our encouraging environment, Ollie envisions his career progressing by deepening his expertise in the FinTech and Financial Services realm, ultimately establishing himself as a trusted consultant in this domain.

When advising those seeking their next career move, Ollie emphasizes the importance of thorough research. Utilizing platforms like LinkedIn and company websites provides invaluable insights into potential roles and organizations, crucial for demonstrating motivation—a trait highly regarded by hiring managers.

Ollie's journey with Harrington Starr is guided by his aspiration to learn from industry experts and thought leaders, allowing him to refine his understanding of FinTech and Financial Services. His decision to join Harrington Starr stemmed from the desire to be part of a dynamic recruitment company with a wealth of experience and insight, particularly within the City of London.

In the competitive landscape of recruitment, Ollie believes that standout candidates possess a combination of a well-crafted CV, demonstrable skills, and articulate communication of their strengths. At Harrington Starr, Ollie values the unparalleled support and training programs that foster growth and development, making his career journey one characterized by continual learning and fulfillment.

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