Mikayla Trotta

Principal Consultant

Mikayla's venture into recruitment was driven by her desire for financial autonomy. The industry offered a rare opportunity for unlimited earning potential and the chance to build her own business from the ground up.

With approximately 2.5 years of experience in recruitment, Mikayla looks forward to stepping into a mentoring role for junior recruiters. Ultimately, she envisions cultivating her own team as she progresses in her career.

Her advice for job seekers is straightforward: always take that initial call. Too often, candidates limit themselves based on job descriptions, missing out on valuable insights that can only be gleaned from direct communication with potential employers.

In her market, Mikayla identifies standout candidates by their academic background, preferably holding a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field from a reputable institution, alongside a consistent career history with meaningful tenure. She values candidates who excel in interviews, demonstrating their enthusiasm for the role and displaying good interview etiquette.

Mikayla's decision to join Harrington Starr was influenced by the genuine support she received from the team during the interview process. From Oli Knight to Toby Babb and Rob Grant, she felt assured that her success would always be their top priority.

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