Lydia Sear

Brand Manager

Lydia, bringing a rich background in recruitment marketing, has become an integral part of the Harrington Starr team. She plays a pivotal role in reshaping the narrative of how recruitment firms cultivate their brands and convey their distinctive stories. Her expertise in graphic design, coupled with a keen interest in culture and trends, naturally propelled her into the dynamic field of marketing.

As a self-confessed art and film geek, Lydia draws inspiration from timeless classics, seeking to understand the elements that make a design truly captivating and engaging for the audience. As a kid, Lydia taught herself how to make films and graphics through YouTube tutorials and to this day, leverages those early learnings at a professional level.

Lydia's commitment extends to elevating our brand and crafting impactful products for the marketplace. Her unwavering creative flair provides us with a distinctive advantage in the financial technology recruitment space— for example, the Era of Convergence documentary— setting us apart with unique and compelling storytelling.

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