Lucia Paolinelli

Recruitment Consultant

Lucia is an integral member of our dynamic team, contributing her expertise to the world of recruitment. As part of our DevOps team, she collaborates closely with George to expand our presence in the DevOps and Cloud space. Lucia's passion for the industry stems from its meritocratic nature, providing her with the opportunity to become a specialist in her field and cultivate her own market.

In her vision for career progression, Lucia aims to continue growing as a consultant, ultimately establishing herself as an expert in the DevOps and Cloud domain. Her journey involves working alongside George to build and strengthen our market presence.

When asked about standout qualities in candidates, Lucia emphasises the importance of conveying enthusiasm, passion, and excitement for a particular role. For her, these qualities set individuals apart in the competitive field of recruitment.

Reflecting on what sets Harrington Starr apart, Lucia highlights the company's world-class approach evident from the moment one steps through the door. She praises the unparalleled support provided by Harrington Starr, emphasising their exceptional training programme that equips recruiters with the resources and knowledge needed to thrive in their careers. Lucia values the unique opportunities for growth and self-development that Harrington Starr offers, making her journey here one of constant learning and fulfilment.

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