Kate Jenkinson

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Kate is one of our brilliant recruiters specialising in roles and candidates in the Quant space. In such a dynamic space, there is a plethora of opportunities presenting themselves on a daily basis- and Kate is fully engaged, adept and ready to help clients and candidates seize the full potential of the industry.

We asked Kate to share one piece of advice for firms currently looking to hire...

"Be honest about exactly the type of person you are looking to hire. And be open-minded- be ready to give candidates a chance."

And what about advice for candidates?

"Passion isn't something you should mute. Let your passion for the work and role be visible. And let this influence your attitude towards learning and development. Be comfortable with what you know and your tech stack, but also be ready to learn and grow."

And what does Harrington Starr do differently to help candidates and clients through the recruitment process?

"We offer a seamless, professional service that prioritises the best outcome for both parties- and doesn't stop till that optimum point has been reached, and expectations have been exceeded."

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