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Since forming in 2010, we are proud to have developed into a multi-award-winning and forward-thinking Fintech recruitment business. With offices located in London, Belfast, and New York, our services have a global reach. So, no matter where you are located, your business size, or your ambitions, we are dedicated to helping your organisation flourish. 

In today's digital world, cyber security and IT risk are critical for businesses of all sizes and industries. Cyber security professionals help protect your company against data theft, cyberattacks, and system failures, which can damage your finances and your company's reputation. IT risk ensures the seamless operation of crucial systems, helping to maintain production and minimise risks. By proactively addressing these risks, your business can confidently operate in this increasingly technological age. 

We pride ourselves on being change-makers within the Fintech industry and are ready to partner with your businesses to ensure you have the talent you need to achieve unprecedented success.  

Industry-Leading IT Risk and Cyber Security Recruitment Solutions

Taking a value-focused approach, our specialist teams invest time in truly understanding your security needs and diving deep into your workforce and culture. This knowledge ensures excellence in all our interactions with you. It enables us to build high-performing cyber security and IT risk teams who not only have a deep understanding of regulatory compliance, threat intelligence, and risk management but also align with your culture and contribute to organisational growth. 

As IT risk and cyber security recruitment experts with the Fintech industry, we can access an extensive candidate database of active and passive candidates and source industry-leading professionals. We are thought leaders within the sector and continuously analyse industry trends and refine our service to meet changing demands. 

Our specialist consultants maintain a firm commitment to transparent communication and alignment with your expectations throughout our partnership. By understanding the uniqueness of your business, we can adapt and be flexible where needed, ensuring we provide a tailored service at all times.

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With businesses increasingly investing in cyber security and IT risk to counter the growing threats effectively, they need talented professionals like you to fill the latest IT risk and cyber security jobs. That's why we are passionate about providing dedicated support at every step of your recruitment journey.  

Our experts are thought leaders in the industry, allowing us to personalise our guidance to your unique needs, values, and personality. We are dedicated to connecting the next generation of leaders with IT risk and cyber security jobs that align with your career goals. 

By enabling us to become your job search partner, you can access our vast business network and expert insights into the latest industry trends. Through this partnership, we ensure you will be offered the most relevant opportunities, enabling you to unlock your potential. 

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