Our Approach

Values & Philosophy

Harrington Starr was founded with a clear vision to engage with clients and candidates alike with six fundamental values central to the customer experience. Our clients can expect consistency of service throughout the recruitment process and clear presentation of our founding values.
  • Partnership

    Constantly looking to add value in partnership to our clients

  • Kaizen

    Constantly looking to improve and develop our service offering

  • Respect

    Ensuring every interaction is delivered with old fashioned manners

  • Delivery

    Ensuring we deliver consistently above customer expectation

  • Understanding

    Achieve excellence through understanding customer needs

  • Positivity

    An environment for our staff to grow, develop and progress in a positive environment


Bad hire cost the average company over 150% of the first year salary of the individual they hire.

With the cost of training, orientation and replacement combining with huge losses from mistakes, missed opportunities and business losses. Thought and investment in recruitment remains, however, a reluctant afterthought for many companies with gut decisions and matching skill sets being the principal drivers and little value added by recruiters. Through partnership, delivery and insight, Harrington Starr’s purpose is to lead the industry by creating a recruitment solution that makes hiring easy, efficient, accurate and highly successful by securing the very best candidates who consistently deliver high results and long term value to the employer. We believe that by listening to and understanding the real needs of our customers that Harrington Starr will deliver a solution that dramatically and quantifiably reduces the cost of bad hires in the financial services and commodities technology sectors to the benefit of all with whom we engage.

The Harrington Starr Difference

Is it possible to deliver a truly different recruitment experience? We believe that you can, not by revolutionising but just doing things better at every touch point for our customers. The Harrington Starr Service breaks down into seven key areas of differentiation..
  1. HS Five STARR Service

    Every recruitment campaign is different and the Five STARR service ensures that the client is listened to and can build a workflow that allows a solution that delights every time.
    • Specialist

      Working exclusively within financial services and commodities technology, Harrington Starr have deep networks and contacts throughout the sector.

    • Tailored

      Fully tailored solutions and a bespoke menu of services that allow the client to build the best package to suit them and their processes to ensure the most user friendly delivery.

    • Attraction

      Multi stream attraction methods combining mobile, online, search, networking, databases, research and hire to hurt. Talent pooling and Rising Starr Alerts ensure a constant pipeline for your business.

    • Recruitment

      A combination of search, on site, RPO, Head Hunting, contingency and outsourced HR solutions that can be used independently or as a package to ensure delivery for the client.

    • Retention

      Minimising the cost of a bad hire through six month post placement tracking, complimentary talent archaeology, assistance with employee engagement and a 100 day free replacement guarantee.

    Advantages & Benefits
    • Deep networks providing best in class quality of candidates.
    • Understanding of the exact requirements of your role.
    • Improved speed of hire with deep talent pools.
    • Bespoke service to suit your needs allowing ease of process.
    • Complete ownership of a service to suit your needs.
    • No hassle from dealing with pushy consultants.
    • Multiple channels to bring quality shortlists.
    • Talent pools and alerts giving rapid response.
    • Online presence to allow full diversity selection.
    • Broad range of candidates allowing quality selection.
    • Hire to hurt through targeted head hunting.
    • Network that cannot be reached by other means.
    • Lower spend costs through better retention of staff.
    • Reduced team turnover leading to happier team.
    • Knowledge retention through settled team.
  2. HS Intelligence

    HS Intelligence is about adding value through market information that helps our customers above and beyond the standard channels of service.

      Monthly commentary of the latest trends, market news, hot skills and salaries delivered to your email.


      The most comprehensive survey of salaries in the Financial Services and Commodities Technology sector.


      Ensuring every interaction is delivered with old fashioned manners.


      Ensuring we deliver consistently above customer expectation.


      Achieve excellence through understanding customer needs.


      Achieve excellence through understanding customer needs.

    • BLOG

      The HS blog will provide a constant channel of thoughts, help and insight to our community.

    Advantages & Benefits
    • Access to regular market information to help position your business to make best use of market opportunities.
    • Understanding of how to attract top talent to your business through competitor analysis and salary benchmarking.
    • Improved retention of staff through a more accurate salary positioning from information from the salary survey.
    • Shoe shine service bringing regular lead generation that can help to win new business for our client base.
    • Less time wading through market information with a highly tailored flow of market information curated in one place.
    • Visibility of competitor packages, bonuses and benefits to create competitive advantage as employer of choice.
  3. HS Community

    HS Intelligence is about adding value through market information that helps our customers above and beyond the standard channels of service.
    • VIDEO

      A series of videos created to help clients and candidates gain maximum results from their recruitment process.

    • EVENTS

      A programme of complimentary events bringing together the leading names in the sector and creating business opportunity.


      Round Table focus groups to investigate the subjects that matter in the sector with white paper follow up.


      Acting as brand ambassador for our clients, helping to enhance, promote and protect the company reputation in the market.


      Access to a series of papers and reports helping to deliver the best recruitment solutions and become an employer of choice.


      Full support throughout the recruitment process and a host of complimentary services to help above the remit of recruitment.

    • ONLINE

      Online management of communities to create a forum for leaders in the sector to share and solve issues.

    Advantages & Benefits
    • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES every quarter with the opportunity to meet senior players in the FS and Commodities Sector.
    • EXPAND YOUR CONTACT BASE through introductions to owners, MDs and C Level professionals in a programme of events.
    • UNPARALLELED ACCESS to a network of professionals who can help you to solve issues and provide solutions to your needs.
    • ROUND TABLES to offer subject matter expertise and white papers from leading figures in trading technology.
    • BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES presented through networking sessions leading to increased sales for your business.
    • REGULAR INSIGHT, debate and commentary online with an engaged community of like minded professionals.
    • ENHANCEMENT AND PROTECTION of your brand in the community creating additional PR in the sector.
    • SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE throughout your recruitment cycles to ensure ease of process and delivery.
    • LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES at events with key notes from some of the UK's leading speakers on high performance teams.
  4. HS Connect

    Passionate about networking, Harrington Starr believe that we can add significant and complimentary value above recruitment services by connecting our customers to opportunity and maximising every aspect of partnership.

      Introductions for M&A activity, professional opportunities and relationships for mutual benefit. The philosophy is to connect our network wherever possible.


      We constantly advise our client base of sales opportunities that we uncover in the market place.


      Links and relationships with the biggest events in trading tech Ð we can advise where your event budget is most suited.


      We are delighted to introduce vendors to opportunities and end users to the most relevant vendors for their trading systems.


      We have strong connections with a number of investment Angels and have helped clients launch with start up funding.


      We have deep networks and we regularly introduce contacts to the best suppliers ranging from accountants to financial PR agencies.

    Advantages & Benefits
    • Opportunity to meet potential buyers or secure investment for your business.
    • Introductions to a network of the best suppliers in the sector giving competitive partners in one call.
    • Business opportunities for vendors to pitch at end users in the buy and sell side.
    • Alerts and an external lead source to augment your sales team’s efforts with updates on opportunities.
    • Trusted introductions to accountants, lawyers, business centres, office supplies, PR teams, designers etc
    • Recommendations to events that will help you maximise business reach and opportunity for your brand.
    • Vendor suggestion and introductions to end users looking to select the most appropriate vendor.
    • By talking to our consultants, we will always let you know if we feel there are introductions that will suit your business.
    • Opportunity for introductions to companies who may compliment your M&A strategy.
  5. HS Consulting

    As recruitment professionals, we are well placed to advise our clients and add value through genuine consultancy around the hiring and on-boarding process.

      Comprehensive reporting of your employer brand status and comparison to market competition.


      On site interviews to develop cultural profiling to ensure best fit and maximise the chances of long term placements made.


      Post placement meetings to ensure candid feedback and ensure issues are escalated in early employment stages.


      Working with management to map out your future resourcing needs, and to talent pool the best candidates.


      Working with SHL trained consultants to create specs that understand technologies, capabilities and competencies to ensure the most appropriate solution presented.


      Competency and capability profiling to ensure the best fits are found for the business to maximise retention.

    Advantages & Benefits
    • Secure a HIGHER QUALITY of candidate by gaining a position of employer of choice in the trading technology space.
    • Increase EFFECTIVENESS OF HIRING and limit the cost of bad hires by creating clear understanding of who is the best fit.
    • CLEAR COMPETENCY based hiring profiles to ensure the best chances of a long term fit for your organisation.
    • Greatly IMPROVED RETENTION RATES decreasing recruitment spend by improving hiring processes.
    • Increased likelihood of SECURING YOUR CANDIDATE of choice by presenting your brand as the employer of choice in your sector.
    • Increased SPEED OF HIRE through talent pools set out by capability planning with line managers
  6. HS Coach

    HS coach is another completely complimentary set of value additions for our clients providing expert advice to ensure the best chance of securing the right talent.

      Full review of the attraction strategy to identify and secure the best talent on the market


      The HS Coach programme also supports the client by keeping the client fully aware of potential interest and issues in their team to maximise retention.


      On site training sessions with HS Senior Execs to focus on the best methods to present the company to secure the best talent against the competition.


      On site presentations to hiring managers helping to coach employers to make decisions on more than just a gut feeling.


      Ever increasing toolkit of white papers and PDFs offered to clients including a database of competency questions, what the best candidates want, case studies and STAR interviewing.

    Advantages & Benefits
    • IMPROVED RETENTION RATES by understanding when competition are targeting your staff.
    • Ability to BEAT THE COMPETITION to the best candidates through best in class interviews.
    • Ability to STREAMLINE RECRUITMENT PROCESS to gain competitive advantage in the war for talent.
    • Higher percentage of successful hires through IMPROVED INTERVIEWING and removal of gut feel decisions.
    • Clear and CONSISTENT INTERVIEW STRUCTURE allowing candidates to enjoy and differentiate the process.
    • TIME SAVED through more effective interviewing and better selection around which candidates to take to interview, and hire.
  7. HS Care

    HS Intelligence is about adding value through market information that helps our customers above and beyond the standard channels of service.

      Career counselling, toolkits, video support, social media coaching, webinars, insight, meetings, networking and mobile tech combine to help ensure the HS experience is best in class for our candidates.


      A complete respect of client process to ensure our customers drive the method of delivery of the HS experience.


      Clear internal message insisting on old fashioned values of good manners and respect. User friendly recruitment.


      From meeting candidates to hand delivering offers, anticipating needs to surprise touches - you’ll soon find out more about our service mystique.


      Intense internal training through the Harrington Starr University ensuring consultants who fully understand the importance of service.

    • REVIEW

      Focus groups, surveys and performance monitoring to ensure immediate reaction to any variation is customer experience.


      24x7 escalation to executive board, access throughout the process and consultants offering candour and transparency throughout.

    Advantages & Benefits
    • FEWER CANCELLED INTERVIEWS through strong relationships built with candidates who want to join your business.
    • IMPROVED INTERVIEW TO PLACEMENT RATIOS leading to quicker and less time consuming recruitment campaigns.
    • EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION to ensure a user friendly process that acts as the perfect conduit between line management and HR.
    • Engaged candidates presented who are HIGHLY MATCHED to your company and the position sent to.
    • Opportunity to ENGAGE WITH PROFESSIONALS with personality who will not pester throughout the process.
    • CONTINUOUS REVIEW to ensure immediate reaction, service recovery and escalation to any issues.
    • OUTSTANDING CONSULTANTS who respect the pressures that hiring managers are under in the recruitment process.
    • STRESS FREE recruitment process allowing the client to focus on “the day job” rather than worry about the quality of delivery.
    • Candidates who will become “RAVING FANS” of how they were treated by your brand through the interview process.

The Harrington Starr Attitude centres around adding value and providing a service that goes far above simply placing a candidate. We look to position ourselves as thought leaders in the financial services and commodities technology community and champion excellence in customer service in the recruitment industry. This is a service driven by you the client and can be totally tailored to your specific campaign.


Not Revolutionary, just better! The Little Things That Make The Big Difference.
  • Well presented CVs
  • Fully Qualified Candidates
  • CVs Interviewed and Met
  • Full Contractor Care
  • Post Placement Service
  • Hand Delivered Offers
  • Management Information
  • Detailed Statistics Reports
  • Performance Reviews
  • Starr Talent Alerts
  • Access to Database
  • Search Global Advertising
  • Competency Interviewing
  • STAR Interviews
  • On-Boarding Assistance
  • Agreed Delivery SLA’s
  • Social Media PR
  • You Will be Listened To
  • Fully Compliant Contractors
  • Regulatory Protection
  • Monthly Contract Invoicing
  • On Site Meetings
  • Job Spec Development
  • Job Spec Writing
  • Full Insurance
  • Account Managers
  • Full Qualification of Needs

On top of all of the added value services that Harrington Starr offer, we are fully aware that excellence in recruitment centres around the fundamentals.
With this in mind, we also deliver all of the above as standard to ensure that your recruitment process gives you everything you need to take away all the pain of a traditional campaign.

Qrumpts Methodology

The QRUMPTS Methodology is a combination of the most popular drivers that came back to us from polling over 5,000 hiring managers within Financial Services and Commodities Technology about what really mattered when working with a recruitment consultancy.
  • Q

    Improved quality of candidates presented to our clients.

  • R

    Better retention rates ensuring decreased spend.

  • U

    Understanding of your needs leading to ease of process.

  • M

    Cost effective service through the right hires made first time.

  • P

    A genuine partnership with added value throughout.

  • T

    Lower delivery times and speed of hire to shorten process.

  • S

    Customer focus centred around ease of use for our client

These seven pillars have shaped our unique offering, ensuring that our clients benefit with better long term hires, reduced cost, an easier recruitment process and far less time wasted in irrelevant interviews. By putting the customer first, and allowing our customers to tailor the solution that best suits them, we feel we can consistently deliver the level of quality and quantity expected of our service.

Our People

Less tangible but critically important to the Harrington Starr difference is our people. We hire outside the traditional mould of recruitment consultants ensuring both a professional and highly personalised service throughout.
  • Are passionate about our market, our clients and our company.
  • Work and engage with genuine passion and enthusiasm.
  • Combine professionalism with personality to provide a memorable customer service.
  • Are knowledgeable, creative and keen to learn.
  • Embody our core values of partnership, delivery, kaizen, understanding, respect and positivity in every interaction with our client base.
  • Act with high levels of decency and excellent manners throughout.
  • Listen, question and deliver clear, honest and accurate feedback.

Our consultants look to meet and work closely with our clients throughout the process to ensure optimum levels of efficiency. Our careful selection and detailed on-boarding processes ensure that our clients can be confident in the knowledge that they will receive the highest levels of service from the most accomplished recruitment professionals.

Candidate Attraction

Harrington Starr operate a multi stream methodology to ensure our customers receive the widest possible choice of the most accomplished technology professionals within Financial Services and Technology. This has created the most comprehensive and relevant network of talent available in the sector.

Attraction Methods

  • Internet
  • Advertising
  • Referrals
  • Networking
  • Mobile
  • Events

Multi-channel attraction to unearth the best talent

  • Networks

    By sponsoring industry events & boast deep networks in the sector.

  • Social

    Heavy engagement in online communities and content thought leaders on a number of social channels.

  • Specialism

    Sole focus on Financial Services and Commodities Technology that allows consultants with deep knowledge of candidates in the space.

  • Contingency

    Heavy investment to advertise and search in the major global job boards and the most relevant databases in our sector.n

  • Database

    A clean and highly relevant database populated solely by professionals in the sector.

  • Mobile

    The first app aimed exclusively at the Financial Services and Commodities Tech space, sending pushes to an engaged audience.

  • Referral

    Our quality service has resulted in a high level of industry referral.

  • Technology

    Heavy investment in best of breed technology to ensure speed and suitability of delivery and regular candidate contact.

  • Search

    Headhunting and search methodology to present “passive” talent.

Why us

  • Our Track Record

    We fill the hard to fill and have consistently delivered on mandates that have been open for several months within days of being engaged!

  • Our Delivery

    We don’t collect jobs, we look to deliver and will be honest about what we can and can’t do.

  • Our Passion

    All of our people believe in our client’s business and are passionate about representing and fighting for your brand.

  • Our Mentality

    We can flex to suit your requirements, assigning resource for quicker volume delivery.

  • Our Creativity

    We don’t wait for solutions to come to us, we look to innovate outside the norm to give our clients the best.

  • Our Flexibility

    We believe in working hard for our clients and finding the best opportunities for our candidates.

  • Understanding

    Your business is our sole specialism. We know the market, we know technology and we know how to get the best for our clients.

What people are saying about us!

“We always receive relevant CV’s quickly and they only present candidates that are genuinely right for the role. What we also like about them is that they are honest with us, they ensure that the candidates are prepared for their interviews and they are a friendly bunch to deal with which always helps!”

HR Manager
- Financial Software Vendor