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Introducing Harrington Starr Technology Consulting

The Harrington Starr Group is delighted to announce the launch of our newest business, Harrington Starr Technology Consulting. The business is focused on Agile Transformation and Project Delivery and will be run by Ehab Roufail and Gav Patel, two of the foremost thinkers on Agile in the UK. Gav and Ehab are proven Agile Experts […]

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STARR INSIGHTS: The day you stop loving your job! Part 2

by Antonio Ciarleglio In part one we started looking at why searching for a new job can be a daunting challenge, stressful, and sometimes lonely! If you have been made redundant, fired or simply stopped loving your job, there are many ways to help kick start your search and secure your new job quickly. Family […]

STARR INSIGHTS: How to be the best team

by Felix Symonds I think we can all take from a little bit from sport, business and military, but this is a focus on sport. At the time of writing, England Rugby are on the cusp of “greatness” as stated by Eddie Jones, only a day away from potentially recording a record-breaking 19 straight wins […]

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