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Introducing Harrington Starr Technology Consulting

The Harrington Starr Group is delighted to announce the launch of our newest business, Harrington Starr Technology Consulting. The business is focused on Agile Transformation and Project Delivery and will be run by Ehab Roufail and Gav Patel, two of the foremost thinkers on Agile in the UK. Gav and Ehab are proven Agile Experts […]

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STARR INSIGHTS: What next for DevOps?

by Robyn Harper As we start 2017, the question on every Linux/DevOps enthusiast’s lips is, what comes next for DevOps? Considering the developments and strengthening of the concept in 2016, 2017 promises to be another massive year where DevOps becomes bigger and more complex than ever. Coming up are the key things I think will […]

STARR INSIGHTS: Telephone Tekkers

by Dom Worthington So, what do I mean by telephone tekkers? I mean Telephone Technique. Many candidates feel the pressure when it comes to telephone interviews and interviews in general. However, if you follow these simple tips it allows you to leave any telephone interview with the hiring manager thinking: “I have to meet the […]

STARR INSIGHTS: The rise of the start-up Hedge Fund

by Tom Kemp The Hedge Fund space has changed massively in the last 12 – 36 months with a huge range of factors coming into play including new regulation, a changing financial landscape and new firms being formed by previously big-time players in established Hedge Funds. It’s the last one of these that I want […]

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