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The Trading Technologist Magazine August 2014 Available to Download Free Today!

The Trading Technologist is our monthly magazine created by the Harrington Starr team. We interview the innovators and disruptors in the Financial Services and Commodities Trading Technology sector and bring advice for candidates looking for work and companies looking to hire. August’s Trading Technologist includes FinTech interviews with Eric van der Kelij, the head of […]

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There Are Only Pros to #FinTech Contracting

The Banking, Financial Services and Commodities Trading spaces are some of the most competitive job markets in the world. Often the smartest minds and the most ambitious individuals compete for jobs in Investment Banks, Asset Managers, Brokerages and Exchanges across the world. When you combine this with the modernisation and innovation currently happening in these […]

The Enemy Within…

The majority of people conceive the word cyber criminal or hacker as a lone, dark, hooded figure lurking in the shadows plotting to disrupt all through technology. We picture a coding master stealing millions of pounds and destroying countless financial organisations globally. This elusive enemy can seem to be everywhere and nowhere and can strike […]

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