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Introducing Harrington Starr Technology Consulting

The Harrington Starr Group is delighted to announce the launch of our newest business, Harrington Starr Technology Consulting. The business is focused on Agile Transformation and Project Delivery and will be run by Ehab Roufail and Gav Patel, two of the foremost thinkers on Agile in the UK. Gav and Ehab are proven Agile Experts […]

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High Performance: Culture of Fear or an Elite Culture?

By Toby Babb Recent times have seen a growing furore around many of the Team GB Olympic and Paralympic high-performance programmes. From Shane Sutton in cycling, to Paul Thompson in rowing to, most recently Rob Greenwood, the 2016 high-performance coach of the year in swimming, one sport after another is being dragged through the mud. […]

STARR INSIGHTS: The shifting sands of the Investment Management space

By Stephen Quinn The Investment Management space is awash with innovation, regulation and general technological evolution and it all appears to be coming to a head over the next 12 to 18 months. What follows will attempt to set the landscape and paint a clearer picture of the marketplace and cut through some of the […]

STARR INSIGHTS: The changing face of our financial markets 

By Edward Manley 2008 yielded more than just the collapse of the global financial system, it forced the world’s global governments to examine the corruption endemic in our financial markets. It is important to realise that the markets, equity, fixed income, FX are all forms of gambling. Bookies always stack the odds in their favour, […]

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