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With eleven specialist markets covering 4 main business areas, a black book of over 60,000 Financial Technologists, 628 Financial Technology Brands as clients (and rising!), and publications read by over 50,000 people a month, why don’t you join THE FinancialTechnology Community today? As the Global Leaders in Financial Technology Recruitment, we believe in Community and […]

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STARR INSIGHTS: Top 25 skills dominated by IT

by Adam Williams PayScale recently released their top 25 skills in the workplace survey and it comes as no surprise that IT skills remain among the most highly valued in the modern market; that’s been consistently true for the last 15 years’, even during the economy’s wobblier periods. Of the 25 skills ranked by PayScale […]


by Felix Symonds So here we sit this morning; once part of a struggling relationship, however now it feels like I’ve ended that relationship and I’m not quite sure why and thinking “have I made the right decision?” Regardless, I now need to get on with my life and sort myself out. To put into […]

STARR INSIGHTS: Social Media – The death of the Liberal Left?

by Tom Kemp So the British public has voted for Brexit and whilst it was always a possibility it seems quite amazing that it’s actually happened. The results seem to show that overwhelmingly it was the baby boomers and the older generation who pushed the result over the line, as opposed to the younger generation […]

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