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featured women in fintech

Women in Fintech

The subject of Women in FinTech has been burning in recent years and diversity in the sector is improving. In this special supplement from the Trading Technologist we talk to eleven leaders in FinTech to discuss all things from regulation to new technology to diversity. You can read insight from trailblazers including Danielle Ballardie, Alex […]

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Q3-Q4 2015 MS contract market update.

The first half of the year proved to be an exciting time to be on the market for MS focused developers in financial services.  Developers were locking down contracts in the insurance space, sell side, buy side, vendors, and consultancies with many looking to make upgrades on their systems or introduce Greenfield projects. The second […]

Ex-Facebook Head updates Profile with Government role

One of the many things to emerge from an entirely Conservative government since their recent election victory has been the creation of the “Minister for Internet Safety and Security” position which has been bestowed upon Baroness Laura Shields. Whilst sounding like something out of a JK Rowling novel, this really is a sign of the […]

Ensuring you are a ‘radiator’ and not a ‘drain’!

A common issue for most introverts in comparison to extroverts is that we tend to not be as expressive or demonstrative. The results of which can appear to reflect disinterest or indifference when in fact sometime the exact opposite is true. With increasing competition in today’s candidate driven job market, employers are looking to hire […]

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