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The Trading Technologist Magazine July 2014 Available to Download Free Today!

The Trading Technologist is our monthly magazine created by the Harrington Starr team. We interview the innovators and disruptors in the Financial Services and Commodities Trading Technology sector and bring advice for candidates looking for work and companies looking to hire. July’s Trading Technologist includes FinTech interviews with Paul Gargan of Gargan Limited, Colin Slight […]

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Salary Expectations – Get Your Numbers Right!

One of the key issues when looking for work is to value yourself correctly. Putting a figure on your skillset and seeing yourself as a product can often be a headache. You have to take into account your last salary and the ever changing market place.  As a recruiter, I do see salaries for the […]

Who dimmed the lights on Energy Trading?

It’s no secret that the Commodities Trading Sector globally is in a state of flux regulatory pressure, increased competition and diminishing profits have worked in tandem to slowly change the characteristics of a market which has recently been highly influenced by Investment Banks. The past 12 months we have seen a mass exodus of Investment […]

An Introduction to Commodities

Like most of my articles I will start this one with a bit of history. Commodity – based money and commodity markets are rumoured to have started in Sumer between 4500 BC and 4000 BC. Sumerians used tokens sealed in a clay vessel to represent the amount, for example the number of a certain type […]

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