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With eleven specialist markets covering 4 main business areas, a black book of over 60,000 Financial Technologists, 628 Financial Technology Brands as clients (and rising!), and publications read by over 50,000 people a month, why don’t you join THE FinancialTechnology Community today? As the Global Leaders in Financial Technology Recruitment, we believe in Community and […]

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STARR INSIGHTS: Ever thought of a move to App Support? Here’s why you should

by Luigi Negri Are you a recent graduate trying to decide what your first career move should be? Then you should consider Application Support. Application Support still remains critical for 75% of organisations, with companies still struggling to keep up with support queries that arise. 1st Line Support Analysts are now becoming entry level positions, […]

STARR INSIGHTS: React – The Latest Tide in an Ocean of Front-End Technologies

by Scott Childs From speaking to an ever-growing number of candidates and clients, React (or React.js/ReactJS as it is also commonly described) is a topic of discussion, which has CTO/CEO/Lead Devs collective heads turned. It seems the library has now established itself in competitive fields, and looks to continue its dominance in the FinTech Front […]

STARR INSIGHTS: Why FinTech Needs Data Scientists

by Jon Kay Writing from the division specializing in big data technology, we get to see first-hand technology trends and hiring activity across the market. It is evident that the highest performing financial institutions have the best technologists, quant researchers and IT solutions. What has become most prevalent recently is the need for data scientists […]

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