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featured women in fintech

Women in Fintech

The subject of Women in FinTech has been burning in recent years and diversity in the sector is improving. In this special supplement from the Trading Technologist we talk to eleven leaders in FinTech to discuss all things from regulation to new technology to diversity. You can read insight from trailblazers including Danielle Ballardie, Alex […]

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How did I improve today?

Reading a book is like downloading new software into the brain. I love this statement. I’m not sure where first heard it but it really resonates with me. Learning something new is an important part of my routine and I will often evaluate my day as time well spent or time wasted dependent on whether […]

The Transfer Window

Is it time to hand in a transfer request of your own? How do you keep the fans onside when moving company? The time is nearly here. It’s so close, you can almost touch it. After two barren, joyless months have passed we are finally able to talk about football again! But before the season […]

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