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Leadership in the 21st Century Magazine

The Secrets of World Class Leadership. To tie in with our Leadership in the 21st Century event in March, we have produced the L21 Magazine featuring twenty articles on leadership from the cream of sport, military and business. This magazine brings together a huge diversity of authors ranging from special forces soldiers, fast jet pilots and […]

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Will Scala Overtake Java or Remain a Niche Language?

Will Scala overtake Java or remain a niche language? By Tom Kemp Recently we were privy to a discussion between a young software developer and an experienced CTO who disagreed over the direction of the technology between Scala and Java. From the developer’s point of view, Scala was the future and would be imminently replacing […]

3 Must Read Books for a Junior/Mid-Level Quant

The Must Reads for a Junior/Mid-level Quant Developer by Hari Sopal The market is a forever challenging one for a Senior Quant Developer. Working across various investment & commercial banks, hedge funds, asset management firms and trading houses it can be easy for seniors to jump around and have the pick of the bunch on […]

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