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With eleven specialist markets covering 4 main business areas, a black book of over 60,000 Financial Technologists, 628 Financial Technology Brands as clients (and rising!), and publications read by over 50,000 people a month, why don’t you join THE FinancialTechnology Community today? As the Global Leaders in Financial Technology Recruitment, we believe in Community and […]

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STARR INSIGHTS: Is Brexit going to affect MiFID/MiFIR Implementation?

by Felix Symonds One of the hot questions dominating the city since the Brexit vote has certainly been “what is going to be the impact on the upcoming regulations”? MiFID was pushed back to January 2018 along with GDPR and PRiiPs, so there is a lot for businesses to think about not to mention getting […]


by Stephen Quinn It’s now been a few months since the acquisition of Barclays POINT – Risk analytics and index Solution to Bloomberg was confirmed. When the initial news was finalised we saw a number of negative reviews and tears from users of POINT around the globe. POINT will be supported for 18 months following […]

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