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The Trading Technologist Magazine September 2014 Available to Download Free Today!

The Trading Technologist is our monthly magazine created by the Harrington Starr team. We interview the innovators and disruptors in the Financial Services and Commodities Trading Technology sector and bring advice for candidates looking for work and companies looking to hire. FREE DOWNLOAD! The Trading Technologist for September includes an interview with Mike Newell from […]

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The Rising Demand for JavaScript Developers

The Rising Demand of JavaScript Developers By Jon Kay As a web development recruiter for the ever-changing financial technology industry, you can see the market change from an objective point of view. As a business we have witnessed a huge demand in specific technologies that previously we’re never heard of such as CoffeeScript, Moustache, Handlebars […]

Taking the Leap: Being a Senior Developer

One of the common questions to answer in Recruitment for both Candidates and Clients is, what makes a Senior Developer? There are so many ways this question could be answered.  One thing is for sure is that there will be a variety of different people with various opinions on the matter. Below are three ways […]

Creating the Next Generation of Developers

Do you remember learning Latin or French at school? Learning a second language has always been one of the mainstays of the curriculum in the UK, reflecting the ever growing global nature of the world. So what does the recent news that 5 year olds are soon going to be taught to program say about […]

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