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With eleven specialist markets covering 4 main business areas, a black book of over 60,000 Financial Technologists, 628 Financial Technology Brands as clients (and rising!), and publications read by over 50,000 people a month, why don’t you join THE FinancialTechnology Community today? As the Global Leaders in Financial Technology Recruitment, we believe in Community and […]

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Download the Financial Technologist Q3 Edition here!

The Q3 edition of the Financial Technologist has arrived! This quarter features insight into the long term affects the maligned Brexit vote is set to have on the UK’s fintech scene and has experts from across finance providing insight into hot topics such as regulations, Mutual Distributed Ledger technology and more. As well as that […]

STARR INSIGHT: Standing Out on a Telephone Interview

by Ani Lputian For some it can be daunting thinking the first judgements by future employers will be made over a phone call. When asked about my advice on this topic, I often suggest sticking to these 5 simple principles – which I believe can bring success in every phone interview. 1. Energy Level You […]

STARR INSIGHTS: How to survive the Axe in an uncertain market

by Ryan Waters With Brexit leaving some uncertainty in the market place I have looked at some ways to keep your seat and escape the dreaded axe. 1. Connect With Colleagues Make sure you know what’s going on around your desk. You’ve networked your clients, make sure you have an internal network too. Get involved […]

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