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The Trading Technologist Magazine October 2014 Available to Download Free Today!

The Trading Technologist is our monthly magazine created by the Harrington Starr team. We interview the innovators and disruptors in the Financial Services and Commodities Trading Technology sector and bring advice for candidates looking for work and companies looking to hire. FREE DOWNLOAD! The Trading Technologist for October includes three FinTech Focus articles from Simon […]

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Three reasons this will be the best thing you read all day…

You are GREAT. Yes you. That thing you did the other day for the guys, I know not all of them have thanked you for it but know this, you did a great job. There is one. Regardless what day it is, what time, everybody needs to be appreciated once in a while. People do […]

Don’t be afraid! It’s time to maximise your job search!

31st October means Halloween and fireworks. However, it also means that it’s almost November and if you’re anything like me you’re looking around wondering where on earth this year has gone?! With only two months left to Christmas it can be very tempting to think that you should shut down your job search until the […]

From Goldman’s to Google – Financial Brain Drain

Front office in a Tier 1 bank has been the dream of many a fresh eyed graduate with a newly minted degree looking to earn their fame and fortune in the future. The big bonuses of the investment banking world dream weaved a picture of multi mullion pound deals, glamorous offices and six figure salaries […]

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