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Introducing Harrington Starr Technology Consulting

The Harrington Starr Group is delighted to announce the launch of our newest business, Harrington Starr Technology Consulting. The business is focused on Agile Transformation and Project Delivery and will be run by Ehab Roufail and Gav Patel, two of the foremost thinkers on Agile in the UK. Gav and Ehab are proven Agile Experts […]

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STARR INSIGHTS: The recruiter code of conduct

by Dom Worthington As a recruitment consultant, I have a genuine desire to help professionals find that all-important and exciting new challenge. Likewise, for a client trying to find a specific skill-set in a new employee. However, there are times when it can be hard to do the best job I can due to the […]

STARR INSIGHTS: Do you have a “Personal Brand”?

by Antonio Ciarleglio Branding is critical in ensuring success on a national or global stage. If you consider the largest global companies, from Facebook’s ‘ f ’ to Apple’s ‘apple’ icon, we know immediately who the brand represents. In today’s competitive markets, having and promoting a personal brand is equally important as the brand of […]

STARR INSIGHTS: Artificial Intelligence in Compliance pt2

by Felix Symonds Following an article I wrote previously on Artificial Intelligence in compliance, a lot has changed in the world of AI in Regtech. As mentioned, Promontory had been acquired by WatsonIBM back in 2016 with the view to building a product that can take on some of the greatest challenges that we face […]

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