Our Candidates

Values & Philosophy

Harrington Starr was founded with a clear vision to engage with clients and candidates alike with six fundamental values central to the customer experience. Our clients can expect consistency of service throughout the recruitment process and clear presentation of our founding values.
  • Partnership

    Constantly looking to add value in partnership to our clients

  • Kaizen

    Constantly looking to improve and develop our service offering

  • Respect

    Ensuring every interaction is delivered with old fashioned manners

  • Delivery

    Ensuring we deliver consistently above customer expectation

  • Understanding

    Achieve excellence through understanding customer needs

  • Positivity

    An environment for our staff to grow, develop and progress in a positive environment

Candidate Services

All Harrington Starr candidates will receive:
  • Career Consultation
  • Social Media Consultation
  • Personal Brand
  • Consultation
  • Networking Consultation
  • 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Video Support Coaching
  • White Papers
  • Market Commentaries
  • Content Aggregation
  • Events Programmes
  • Advice packs
  • Mobile application pushes
  • Meetings
  • Interview management
  • Offer negotiation
All as a completely complimentary service!

The Choices Answer

Researching over 5,000 professionals in financial services and commodities technology the results were clear that our candidates were telling us that they wanted CHOICES. These simple requests were being ignored by recruiters who were failing to listen to what candidates really wanted.
  • C

  • H

  • O

  • I

  • C

  • E

  • S

Harrington Starr’s candidate process has been developed around giving our candidate those CHOICES. Good levels of contact, honesty, relevant options, helpful information, collaboration, encouragement and support were themes that arose again and again when asking what candidates really wanted to see from a recruiter.
The CHOICES candidate experience centres upon the purpose of helping to ensure that the perfect long term connection is made for all of our customers. We have developed a programme that will give you the career you deserve and a level of service that genuinely differentiates from the crowd.

The Harrington Starr 7 c's

A completely complimentary 7 phase process. All of Harrington Starr’s candidates will be treated with the attention and detail deserved in one of life’s most important decisions. These seven cs govern our candidate strategy to ensure that engaging with harrington starr delivers to your every need, giving you the choices that you want in your job search.
  1. Consulting

    • Listening
    • Personal Brand consultation
    • Negotiation of best package
    • Career Consultation
    • Target identification
    • Understanding of desired career path
    • Needs analysis
    • International re-location
    • International tax implication advice
    • Contract consultation – umbrella/limited company

    The process starts with a full career consultation that will helps to map our candidate’s future professional journey ensuring ideas are proactively suggested to create the best possible long term solution based on a complete appraisal of skills sets and needs. We will consult on personal branding through CV and social media presence and identify a full target list of the most relevant options and companies for the candidate’s career. Harrington Starr candidates will benefit from a highly relevant shortlist of extremely appropriate interviews based on their own background and aspirations. Time will be saved by only attending interviews that match agreed career aspirations, acting as a lunch pad to future professional success. Contractors will be given best in class advice around re-location, limited company queries and international tax implications. Full confidence will be assured as the journey into contracting is made clear and straightforward by our expert team.

  2. Coaching

    • Interview Preparation
    • Interview Management
    • CV Writing
    • Social Media
    • Video Channel
    • Document Library
    • Webinars

    Throughout the process, the candidate will benefit from full coaching from their Harrington Starr consultant. A document library will provide invaluable interview advice and tips and our video channel will help ensure that daunting interviews are well prepared for. Our consultants will coach through interview preparation, running the interview process and ensuring the best possible CV. Social Media coaching ensures that your brand profile supports your application. Through Harrington Starr’s comprehensive coaching programme, our candidates become more likely to secure the interviews that they attend and the concerns around “choking” on the big day are mitigated. We believe that many great candidates let themselves down through nerves. Our coaching and preparation programme ensures these risks are kept to a minimum. Strong relationships with both technical and financial academies mean that candidates are introduced to a network that will genuinely benefit and increase the chances of making the best possible impression on the day.

  3. Communication

    • Mobile
    • Advisory
    • Challenge
    • Listen
    • Open
    • Candid
    • Honest
    • Available
    • Post Placement

    Harrington Starr’s success with our candidate base has been developed on a foundation where communication is central to the process. Critical to this is that listening forms the kernel of the approach ensuring a comprehensive understanding of individual needs and wants. In addition to this, our mobile app ensures immediate notification of only the most highly relevant positions. Our consultants are always available and operate on a two hour return of call policy. The advisory nature of our business ensures candour and honesty and the real questions are asked to ensure people are not just being asked the easy questions.

    Finally, our consultants are with our candidates post placement to ensure you maximise your impact in those early days in your new role and achieve what you hoped in your new position. The emphasis on communication ensures relevance, removes frustration of continually chasing for news, maximises the chances of finding the right role, delivers helpful feedback to improve the chances in interviews and brings options directly to the candidate’s door. Candidates will receive regular status updates, notifications of new and relevant opportunities and a candid approach throughout.

    The emphasis for our contractors is around clear communication, ensuring a single point of contact for all queries, extensions, conditions and payments. Clarity and precision in communication ensures Harrington Starr Contractors are left to worry about nothing and give their full commitment to their contract.

  4. Collaboration

    • Meetings
    • 24 x 7 Support
    • Walk to Interview
    • Consultant availability
    • Regular Contractor Communication

    A fully collaborative approach ensures that Harrington Starr candidates are supported throughout their interview process. Face to face meetings are encouraged throughout with consultants regularly walking candidates to the interview and forging a truly supportive partnership. Our consultants are available 24x7 and are regularly known to talk or meet candidates over weekends or through the night. Our contractors are regularly contacted to ensure that their projects are running exactly as planned and all is precisely as projected. A collaborative support network ensures that our candidates go into the recruitment process with full information to maximise impact and influence. Our philosophy ensures that we do everything possible to maximise our candidate’s chances of securing their dream role and help ensure that they become more employable for the duration of their career.

    Support exists throughout the candidate job search. Starting with the interview, continuing through negotiation, the Harrington Starr service differentiates by continuing well in to the new role. Some of the most stressful moments of a job search come in the resignation process, managing counter offers, ensuring departures are made on good terms and staying with our candidates through the early months. Many relationships last throughout a career.

  5. Commitment

    • Job Alerts through mobile App
    • Opportunity creation
    • Offer Negotiation
    • Best in class technology
    • Niche Specialisation
    • Relevance of opportunity
    • Six Sigma processes to ensure streamlined delivery
    • Efficient back office and payment systems

    We are committed to delivering to our candidates and ensuring the best options are presented, no time is wasted in irrelevant interviews and the job that the candidate really wants is secured. Our pioneering mobile application helps to ensure a flow of relevant “pushes” of the most appropriate opportunities. Our consultants do not simply look to fill jobs but to actively create opportunities for our candidates that match the detailed description that we run through in our meetings. Our consultants will manage the negotiation process to ensure that the best possible deal is secured and our best in class back office solutions ensure swift and consistent payments are made to our contractors.

    As specialists solely in the financial services and commodities technology sectors, we know and understand what the best opportunities are in the market. This means that your career search saves you time wasted in irrelevant interviews and maximises the options that are presented to you. Our consultants are committed to keeping candidates informed throughout and, by working in specialised markets, ensuring that we constantly seek out the most applicable roles for each individual.

  6. Community

    • Market Commentary
    • Project Updates
    • Shoe Shine Service
    • Events Programme
    • Content Curation
    • Salary Surveys
    • Networking

    The Financial Services and Commodities Technology sector is a community that we are passionate about serving. All of our candidates will join a complimentary community providing updates, market commentary, useful information, content from the industry, salary news and network introductions. In an industry of such significant innovation, you will receive introductions and access to a network that can help find the solutions to your needs. Community is about cutting through the noise and ensuring access to the most relevant contacts, information and networking events to improve your career.

  7. Customer Service

    • Manners
    • Respect
    • No Pressure
    • Consistency
    • Availability

    Central to the Harrington Starr service has always been customer service. You will benefit from a refreshing process that deliberately focuses on mixing technical innovation with old fashioned values. Our customers have told us that they want to be dealt with with manners and respect, to be allowed to make decisions rather than pressurised into the wrong choices, to be consistent and candid and to be available to contact. High levels of customer service and excellent client reviews are how our consultants progress their careers in the company showing our absolute commitment to delivering an industry benchmark in customer delight.


Harrington Starr exclusively serves the financial services and commodities trading technology sector with a focus on trading systems. These are just a selection of some of the positions that we have placed in some of the world's leading companies:
  • Director level Appointments
  • Head of Support
  • Head of Consultancy
  • Programme Manager
  • Systems Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Technical Analyst
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Pre-Sales Consultant
  • Software Sales
  • Business Consultant
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Support (1st – 3rd line)
  • Voice Support (1st – 3rd line)
  • Developer
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Technical Architect
  • Test Analyst
  • DB A
  • Quantitative Developer
  • Integration Engineer
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Application Support
  • Trade Floor Support
  • Operations Support
  • Technical consultants
  • Pre and post sales support
  • Server Support (1st – 3rd line)
  • Desktop Support (1st – 3rd line)
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Systems Engineers/Analysts/Administrators
  • Storage and Virtualisation specialists