About us

Since forming in the Summer of 2010, Harrington Starr has become one of the most exciting and rapidly expanding businesses in the UK. Without question, the quality of the team has been fundamental to that success and our ambitious expansion plans mean we are constantly hiring for both experienced and non-experienced talent.

Here are five top reasons to join the Harrington Starr Team:

The Company

Harrington Starr was established in 2010 with four people and has grown since then by at least 100% every year to become one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses.

Specialising in Financial Services and Commodities Technology, the company has worked with over 500 of the sector’s leading names in banks, asset managers, hedge funds, exchanges, brokerages, trading venues, software houses and vendors and has successfully worked in six Continents (Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australasia). News on International offices will be announced shortly.

We are now trusted by over 45,000 professionals to deliver insight through our online campaigns, whitepapers, insight and print and digital magazines. We have had over 1000 senior executives from the World’s leading companies attend our quarterly networking breakfasts. We are a media partner and attend the World’s leading trading technology community meetings and events.
Well backed, profitable and fast growing, the company aims to grow to over 100 staff by 2018 and become a £100m company by 2020, only ten years since having launched.

The Job

All of the Harrington Starr team are “360 Degree” consultants combining new business development, candidate search and account management. Our consultants are simply tasked with placing as many of the right candidates with as many of the right clients as possible and to grow profitably. To do that we look to excel in 5 key areas:

• World Class Candidate Qualification
• World Class Job Qualification
• Attract, Engage and Retain the Right Clients
• Attract, Utilise and Maximise the Right Candidates
• Build the Brand

We look for our consultants to maintain a more rounded position than the traditional recruiter and add genuine value to our clients. We seek to:

• Connect and engage clients with opportunities (VC/Investor Intros, information on potential bid opportunities, network connections etc)
• Represent the brand at industry events and networking meetups
• Host and connect clients at our networking events
• Provide content, insight and articles on our blogs, publications and magazines
• Innovate, challenge and look to develop processes within the business
• Consult and provide help and advice for candidate and clients throughout the process

Our consultants look to provide brilliant basics and magic touches that provide a superior customer experience in every touch point.

People, Culture, Values and Purpose

Inspired by the best in sport, business and the military we have aimed to build an elite performance environment that gets the best from every individual in the business and allows us to improve every day. Harrington Starr is named after Bart Starr, quarterback of Vince Lombardi’s legendary Green Bay Packers NFL team and the blueprint of what we believe an elite performance organisation should look like.

We have worked with performance specialists including Olympic Gold Medallists, SAS Commanders, the Red Arrows, Polar Explorers, Performance Directors, CEOs, Elite Sporting Leaders and Analytics Experts to create a culture, strategy and process that helps our people achieve all of the ambitions that they set themselves.

We have looked to create an environment that people love coming to and are passionate about creating a truly outstanding company. We see our client’s success as our business and seek to help to fulfil ambitions. We are building a great business that re-shapes the perception of recruitment in the industry and become truly accepted as trusted advisors by our customers.

We believe in world class communication, outstanding teamwork and working closely together to build a global brand.
Our core values run throughout all that we do both internally and externally:

• Partnership
• Positivity
• Understanding
• Delivery
• Kaizen
• Respect

Our people live these values and we look to build a world class group of like-minded individuals who display a strong mix of professionalism with personality. Our people are confident, take ownership, are self-starters, keen to learn and listen. We look to hire for talent over experience and seek to be the number one choice for the very best talent in the space.
Committed to innovation, we are keen to ensure that everyone has a voice in the team. Quarterly innovation meetings, daily morning meetings, monthly “town halls” and daily access to leadership ensure that every idea is easily implementable and everyone is listened to.

We are looking for a culture that truly embraces family, camaraderie, balance, wellbeing and inclusion. We are proud of our business and can trust each other implicitly. We look to empower and see autonomy in action creating an environment where people can drive their own performance free of micro management.

Our leadership team has over 40 years of experience in the sector and know the strategy, vision and purpose that will see us develop into one of the most successful brands in the country.

Career, Opportunity & Vision

One of the key areas that differentiates our business is that we are hiring future leaders in every consultant that we take on. We are looking to grow into a global brand and our strategy remains to develop all of our managers and directors organically.

We will see the business develop significantly in the next five years and those who come in at this stage will be the leaders of our international businesses, new brands and market sectors. We are a highly ambitious company who are committed to growth both domestically and internationally.

We are committed to not hiring above senior consultant level meaning that all of our hires have the opportunity to grow into directorial positions with no glass ceilings on top of them. The business is a pure meritocracy. The career development programme is clear with regular reviews and set objectives to move through in a clear and uniform manner. Our commitment is to ensure that results, values and strong ethics see our consultants develop continuously through the business.

We have bold goals for our first ten years and will see the business grow to over 100 consultants by 2018. We will work to build a world class leadership team that has been grown through providing opportunity to all those who have contributed to the journey. Our vision is to build a truly best in class operation and, in so doing, change the perception of what a recruitment partner truly is in the sector.

Learning and Development

Harrington Starr has developed a Learning and Development Programme that is amongst the most detailed and thorough in the industry. Embracing our value of Kaizen, we look to continuously improve and have invested heavily in our L&D programme. Features include:

• A thirty module HSUP (Harrington Starr University Programme) training course for new starters with an 800 page manual and video learning tool. This encompasses classroom training, mentoring, workshops, role-plays and culminates in a dissertation.
• An MBA programme to build leadership and advanced skills for our senior consultant and management teams including group learning and classroom sessions.
• An innovative infographic bible illustrating the key features of the recruitment process.
• Monthly sessions throughout the business with best-selling author, world-leading sports psychologist and elite business performance coach Simon Hartley.
• Train 2 Win Programme throughout the whole business every month following a course of train the skills – workshop – test under pressure – review.

Harrington Starr is a committed learning organisation and we are constantly looking to ensure that we bring in the very best techniques to ensure our consultants are fully skilled to provide a world class service. A strong internal programme is augmented by external professionals from sport, business and the military to ensure we become the best that we can possibly be.

Set up for Success

Internally, one of the principal aims of the organisation is to ensure that we have set everything up to make success inevitable for our consultants. We have invested in the best technology available in the sector and continuously look to bring advantage in speed, precision and control through our database, analytics and tech suite.

Our business intelligence team means that we are able to support our consultants with bespoke analytics and information designed to help ensure peak performance. Rather than the prescriptive and universal KPIs of many competitors, we look for the story behind the numbers so that we can make intelligent, tailored suggestions on where improvement lies.

We invest heavily in talent attraction and LinkedIn recruiter gives our consultants demonstrable edge in their ability to attract the very best in the space.

The leadership team are consistently striving to ensure that every consultant in the business is set up in the very best possible manner to perform as well as they possibly can.

Market, Brand & Reputation

On top of this, we have worked hard to ensure that the industry recognises Harrington Starr as genuine thought leaders and trusted advisors. In so doing we offer a platform to the best consultants in the industry to maximise their relationships with their clients.
Our publications, magazines, digital programmes, blog, content strategy, events, trade shows, white papers, community and networking meetups mean that Harrington Starr is an instantly recognisable brand and one that adds real value to our client base.

Our reputation is critical to us and we work hard to ensure that we deliver brilliant basics with magic touches and a “Ritz Carlton” level of customer service.

The market is one of the most exciting and fast growing in the world. FinTech and Trading Technology is booming and we are able to leverage relationships with many of the most respected names in the space. Our customer base is international and lays a strong foundation for rapid international growth in the months and years ahead.


We have looked to ensure that Harrington Starr provides a remuneration package that is in the top 5% of anywhere in the industry. Operating with no threshold, all of our consultants have the opportunity to earn up to 40% commission on all that they bill. There is no ceiling and we are keen to see our best consultants receive life changing pay cheques.

Lunch and Supper Clubs are held at the best and most exclusive restaurants in the City to recognise strong performances. Extra holiday days are available on achieving set performance targets and we are working on a unique incentive programme to reward strong performances, living values and teamwork.

We are a business that looks to celebrate, recognise and reward success and a high performer at Harrington Starr will be compensated amongst the very best in the industry.

What we look for in You

We are hiring experienced sales people looking to move into recruitment, recruitment consultants looking to cross train into the booming Financial Services and Commodities Technology sector, and experienced IT Recruiters. Above all else we value personality and attitude over previous results. We are confident that we can make the best better and give those who are yet to reach their potential the tools, support and confidence to reach their potential.

• You will be a “professional with personality” and be comfortable networking face to face, articulate in meetings, a strong relationship and account builder and a new business developer.
• Creative, a self-starter and able to think clearly under pressure.
• Coachable, enthusiastic and committed to learning and continuous improvement.
• Confident, credible and a strong story teller.
• Inquisitive, a strong listener and an excellent communicator.
• Self-critical and someone who understands their weaknesses.
• Able to create and follow systematic processes to achieve high performance.

We are looking for people committed to being the best that they can be and keen to develop, grow and lead.

In summary

We are looking to grow through hiring, training, developing and rewarding the recruitment sector’s very best talent. The greatest places to work in the world encompass a recipe that includes:

Vision, trust, innovation, credibility, leadership, inclusion, autonomy, communication, pay, package, benefits, balance, camaraderie, culture, learning, development, family, purpose, wellbeing, pride, clarity, high expectations, environment and the right team.

In each of the above areas, we look to excel and become the Barcelona or Real Madrid for the top talent in recruitment.

If you believe that you have the values, ability, energy and personality to be part of something exceptional, please contact Toby Babb on 0203 587 7007 to find out more.