Coming Soon: The Era of Convergence Documentary

5 Minutes

Since the days of grain merchants acting like banks through to today’s global banks, central...

Since the days of grain merchants acting like banks through to today’s global banks, centralised organisations have evolved to allow us to trade and transact in a trusted manner. But when financial markets crashed in 2008, giving rise to a global credit crunch, something changed. While bankers emptied out their desks, a pseudonymous individual – or group – known as Satoshi Nakamoto was busy publishing a short document which would go on to change the world. The white paper, entitled ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System,’ described a means of transacting that would do away with the need for banks and middlemen. With this new form of digital currency – or cryptocurrency – anyone, anywhere could now exchange money in a decentralised way; peer-to-peer. The birth of bitcoin was revolutionary on two fronts; giving rise to the birth of thousands of cryptocurrencies, all with different features and benefits, and sparking waves of innovation in the infrastructure of finance. The upcoming Era of Convergence Documentary will explore the rise of Bitcoin, and the subsequent impact it has had on traditional finance. What opportunities shall the merge between Traditional Finance and Decentralised Finance create? Who will shape this Era of Convergence? Filming and Production of this Documentary is now underway but applications for speaking opportunities on the Documentary are still open. Keen to share your thoughts on the merge of Traditional Finance and Decentralised Finance? Get in touch to find out how you could feature: Read Helen Disney's (Director at The Realization Group) Article on The Era of Convergence in the latest edition of The Financial Technologist.
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