Software Developer - C programming

A new opportunity currently exists for an experienced software design engineer to join our VoIP product design team.

The role is based in Hertfordshire.

Essential skills/experience:


  • Hands-on experience designing complex real-time software systems and/or Linux server systems using the C programming language.
  • Software development experience within a Linux environment, but with an overall Windows working environment.
  • Familiarity with Internet protocols such as TCP/UDP, VoIP, IGMP.
  • Experience of the full product development lifecycle.
  • Wireshark or other networking tracing tool experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal guidance
  • Source control (SVN, TFS)
  • Scripting language experience python/perl


Additional experience in any of the following areas would be very advantageous:


  • Development experience using the SIP protocol.
  • Development experience with FreeSWITCH or other SIP PBXs
  • Other network protocols Including HTTP, SNMP, VLAN, RTP, RTCP, TFTP and DHCP
  • Visual Studio IDE
  • GDB, Valgrind
  • Virtualisation, virtual box, kvm, hyperv
  • Automation tool experience
  • TCP/IP network stack knowledge
  • Encryption and authentication protocols
  • Data networking knowledge/experience
  • Telecommunications background
  • Design experience with working with XML based data
  • Knowledge of C++ or other OO languages