Senior UI Developer

Senior UI Developer 

What do you need to know?

Required capabilities

• Excellent commercial-grade web/front-end development experience with large, complex applications
• Up to date with latest approaches to building web applications, and willing to quickly adapt to new technologies and approaches
• Strong experience in JavaScript building Single Page Web Applications with modern frameworks
• Solid skills in HTML5 and CSS3, especially a focus on consistency and optimal user experience
• Continuous Integration ecosystems, including build and test frameworks and tools (Jenkins,
Webpack, Jest, Mocha, Selenium etc.)
• Solid engineering fundamentals including knowledge of best practices and appropriate
design patterns
• Able to demonstrate understanding of tradeoffs involved in previous design choices
• Agile development methodology (Scrum and its variants)
• People development

Preferred capabilities

• TypeScript/Flow (or any strongly typed language)
• OO and functional programming experience
• Redux architecture
• RxJS
• Experience in consulting
• Experience in finance or capital markets