Senior Angular Developer

Senior Frontend GUI developer


- Looking for someone with Vue or Anglar experience. 

- We have a design team that produces the wireframes and we iterate until GUI functionality is consistent with underlying trading concepts and products.

- The design team produce visual mock-ups for each screen and pop-up dialogs with a full UI specifications of colours, sizes, fonts, etc. Everything that frontend software developer will need for implementation from the design side. This  usually delivered in Zeplin.

- The GUI developers will then connect to the backend services APIs. Or develop new services to provide the additional functionality.

- We have two projects that will run for the next 12-18 months. The first is the Exotics project and the second is the Central Limit Order Book. Both will be super sophisticated state of the art trading GUI’s. We plan to build them in such a way that we can add new markets without having to do major redevelopment.