Security Architect

Security Architect 


Responsible for the technical design, configuration, update, monitoring and support of all deployed information security systems protecting the companies information assets.
Implementing and monitoring secure benchmarks for hardware and software on workstations, laptops, thin clients, mobile devices, printer, servers and any device attached to the companies network.
Implementing and maintaining secure configurations of network devices such as firewalls, routers and switches.
Continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation including network protocols, ports and services.
Continuous monitoring of the companies security systems and acting as the expert responder to security breaches or incidents.


? Provide specialist IT security knowledge to evaluate, develop and implement IT security systems, services and tools across the entire Praxis estate to ISO27001 standards.

Key Responsibilities. 

? Manage the introduction of any changes across all staff and systems including third party suppliers with changes that are required to practices, systems or applications.( including external Board members)
? Provide the 3rd level security expertise to investigate incidents that are discovered, escalated from the IT helpdesk or other IT staff.
? Provide expert advice on implementing and monitoring security benchmark standards on hardware such as servers based upon good practice, standards, current thinking and research.
? Recommend, implement and monitor security configurations on LAN and WAN network devices based upon complexity, risk and impact to the Organisation.
? Monitor security software updates such as operating system patches, application updates, antivirus and malware updates
? Provide expertise on network protocols, services and traffic which affects the whole organisation internally and externally.
? Configure and Implement vulnerability assessments (external and internal) as well as remediation actions as required from the outcome of these risk assessments.