Project Resourcing Manager

The North Starr are actively looking to hire a Project Resourcing Manager who can help the Head of Client Services to traffic all incoming projects.

Key responsibilities

- Lead the corporate planning process and annual business planning process, engage with colleagues in the identification and inclusion of programme and project work.

- Liaise with key stakeholders including members of the executive team to develop a business plan in line with their requirements

- Work closely with finance to ensure the business plan activity is costed and reflected in the annual budget

- Lead the operational planning process with heads of the functional areas across the business, converting potential initiatives into detailed operational plans

- Collate individual plans from each department into a cohesive business plan for the organisation

- Monitor progress with the implementation of initiatives contained within the business plan for the organisation

- Ensure strategic risks are integrated with business planning and cross referenced to the risk register


- Develop tools, templates and guidance for project and programme managers to use on projects

- Develop portfolio level strategic planning tools to ensure the organisation can plan resources effectively

- Undertake routine assessments of portfolio, programme, and project management maturity, develop action plans for continuous improvement

- Advise project and programme managers on the development of project plans and documentation for their own initiatives

- Advise on the development of benefits realisation plans and benchmark data

- Oversee the provision of guidance and support for the organisations Project and Programme Managers

Implement QA procedures during project life cycles, conduct post project evaluations

The North Starr team look forward to hearing from you.