Junior Programmer - SQL, C#

• To assist with the daily business as usual demands of the
department supporting In-House built processes. Eventually being
able to manage such as a key part of their role.
• Candidate should be a good communicator and be able to show
initiative as they may be the initial point of contact with business.
They would be expected to be able to cleanly note what the issue is
and know how to escalate/ resolve
• To assist with the provision of all requests for data extraction
required by the users, whilst appreciating the security required
around confidential data.
• To assist with the provison of data that is required for periodic
reporting on the departments activities e.g.. Board, Management
meeting and Fincom reporting.
• Candidate should have a base technical knowledge which would be
further developed in order to support all activities.
Microsoft SQL Server - Schema Design and
SQL, Microsoft Visual Studio C#, Report
• Ensure that all activity is logged with in Project recording system
• Sole management of user requests for updates to the less complex
• Assistance with ensuring support documentation for existing
systems is current and well maintained
• The opportunity for eventual integration into full time
development as natural career development over the years if and
when vacancies arise
• Percieved benefit to MCM Ltd would be that some of our senior
resources are often tied up with the more menial tasks on support
which reduces their ability to deliver on the more technical initiatives