Java Developer

What is the job’s core purpose?

  • Write secure and maintainable code
  • Fix any errors that appear in a timely manner
  • Update the product with new high-quality functionality
  • Help Customer Support with any queries that need developer knowledge
  • Mentor other members of the team
  • Advance the technical architecture of the product


What constitutes success in this role?

  • Security is thought about through whole SDLC; implementation shows security has been designed in
  • Code is clean and consistent, following style guidelines and development team norms
  • New features are high quality from a user’s point of view (in terms of aesthetics, usability and functionality)
  • System runs smoothly, in a performant, highly available manner
  • Actively participates in planning and design - understands the intent of work undertaken and knows how that translates to code and system changes, so doesn’t need everything spelled out
  • Provides realistic estimates during planning stages, and completes development work in appropriate timeframe
  • Escalates any issues loudly and early - there should be no surprises for anyone re. timescales, architecture, implementation, etc.
  • Works well with other members of the development team - ideas, explanations and objections should be clearly thought through and presented in appropriate ways
  • Works well with other teams, especially the Customer Success and Sales teams