Head of Development

Head of Development


Lead and manage a team of software developers and QA team, supporting them in building industry-leading, robust and innovative ad tech software solutions.

  • Recruit and manage development and QA teams and assist team members in all areas of their job roles by having a top level knowledge of the skills used in each.
  • Be familiar with the technologies and languages used to build, deploy and deliver our technology, notably (but not exclusively) Golang, PHP, shell script, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Ability to work with SVN and GIT.
  • Stay up to date with external advertising technology, competitors and industry developments, standards and innovations, being able to get to the simple facts in a hype- and jargon-laden industry.
  • Assess and prioritise requests for internal development work in coordination with sales, product teams and operations. Deflect random uncoordinated development requests to allow developers to focus on agreed priorities. Assist in assessing third-party products to help decide what we should build and what we should buy in.
  • Devise technical solutions to business problems for our own products. Create technical specifications for products and services and allocate tasks to individuals to ensure coordinated achievement of required result across multiple smaller pieces of work on different products/services which have to be developed in sync.
  • Develop a strategy for the development team to meet the company’s goals and objectives, and to improve the quality of the service it delivers internally and externally. Plan and monitor the successful implementation of this strategy.
  • Continually monitor key metrics and performance of our products, partners and customers to ensure that development and delivery is performing as desired.  Debug, query and report on our own data and third-party data sets where and when required, and communicate with third parties where required.
  • Create and maintain a professional culture within the development and QA teams, where individuals take ownership and are fastidious and proud of delivering excellence and quality.
  • Educate sales, marketing, and supply and demand account managers about our technical capabilities.
  • Take responsibility for the quality and technical approach taken by team members, ensuring it is in-line with the company strategy, and that projects are delivered on time and on budget.
  • Oversee all development work from beginning to end, through specification, build, QA and deployment.
  • Maintain an awareness of current development technologies for coding, building, testing, deploying, and hosting. Experience of containerisation and Docker/Kubernetes would be useful.


  • Experienced developer with commercial experience delivering complex projects in real-world situations

  • Experience in Golang, PHP, shell script, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, GIT and SVN

  • Experience in dealing with a range of data storage technologies, SQL and NoSQL

  • Experience in managing a team of developers

  • Ability to take a business brief and translate this into development work across multiple products to be worked on by multiple individuals

  • Ability to communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical people

  • Knowledge of optimising performance in applications