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Delivery Manager

Responsible for all aspects of successful project delivery.

  • Manage the financials of the project: 
  • Coordinate the estimation process to arrive at an appropriate and commercially viable estimate
  • Track delivery against budget and forecast any likely deviations
  • Trigger finance activities at the end of each milestone
  • Manage the project personnel
  • Identify the needed skills and negotiate the right team (with central resourcing)
  • Manage the individuals and the team to their optimal performance. This includes collaborating with line managers, coaching individuals (or arranging support as needed); assess individuals for project fatigue; and adjust resourcing as needed
  • Facilitate team brainstorming and collaboration
  • Manage the deliverable scope and quality
  • Understand the business and technical domain sufficiently to ensure that the deliverables meet expectations
  • Set up appropriate review, testing, and other processes to ensure deliverables meet high standards
  • Actively manage all scope elements and dependencies
  • Lead contractual change request process when adjustments are to be formally memorialized
  • Manage the client  
  • Know your client: know who the key players are and quickly learn how to manage them
  • Ensure client is aligned with contractual deliverables and approach team is taking
  • Manage client dependencies
  • Manage messaging and negotiate appropriate outcomes when there are deviations from expectations
  • Manage plan and tracking
  • Construct predictable plans that the team and project stakeholders are aligned on
  • Use data driven tracking, daily
  • Identify risks and actively manage to minimize impact
  • Participate in risk review meetings with peer panel, articulate issues and risks
  • Manage all elements of project reporting and communication  
  • Construct appropriate status reporting and other communication as needed to ensure all project stakeholders are well-informed and aligned  
  • Delivery consulting
  • Operate as a delivery consultant in a client engagement where required, providing advisory or delivery services (for example PMO services, delivery coaching, delivery analysis etc).
  • Produce consulting related artifacts and documentation to a client ready level of quality.
  • Participation in business development where required
  • Build trusted relationships with the client and identify adjacent opportunities for expansion.  
  • Participate in pre-sales activity collaborating with Client Solutions to drive pitch, formulate engagement scope and deliverables, and operating model definition.


Skills & Knowledge 

  • Strong Project Management skills: planning, tracking, risk identification and mitigation
  • People management  
  • Stakeholder management  
  • Agile development methodologies
  • Working knowledge of the capital markets, trading and risk management  
  • Working knowledge of typical financial flows and architecture
  • Excellent communication skills; able to represent the team, project and firm in all manner of client situations
  • Willingness and ability to get “hands-on” as needed; testing software, writing and confirming requirements with client, writing test plans


  • Minimum 5 years of experience managing the implementation of financial services systems  
  • Minimum 5 years of experience managing teams 5 – 12 people
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in IT Industry, ideally within finance
  • Account management, add-on sales experience a plus
  • Software development experience a plus