Data Scientist  (Python, AWS, MongoDB, SQL)

Data Scientist  (Python, AWS, MongoDB, SQL)

Data Scientist  (Python, AWS, MongoDB, SQL)

London -Marketing Agency

£60,000 - £80,000 + benefits + bonus

Matlab, Python, R, Business Facing, SQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, AWS, Data Scraping, Client Facing, Correlation, Client Facing

A unique opportunity has a risen for a high performance Data Scientist (Python, AWS, MongoDB, SQL)to join a revolutionary Marketing Agency based in Central London. This unique opportunity focuses on all things data, from manipulation to correlation across a number of formats. The successful candidate for the role will have a core underlining passion for all stages of Data Engineering, additionally enjoying the aspect of client interaction and thriving in a self-sufficient environment. You will be creative and not afraid to take a step back and have a completely new view  of the way you see your goal.

The unique position sits within a content strategy focussed agency who are one of Europe’s most competitive firms, offering a significant opportunity to an outgoing Data Scientist (Python, AWS, MongoDB, SQL) to join the Data Science team in delivering to business users, clients and wider media. You will be focused on an array of projects, having a solid eye to analysis of Data and scraping web pages to source own data to provide to colleagues in an attempt to present correlations and findings effectively.

This position is unique for an individual to have a high involvement with revolutionary Data, content and media working with tools across Python, AWS, MongoDB, SQL, Git and having the autonomy to take ownership from a core passion for Data Engineering to further generate ideas and work well with colleagues to have a positive impact on the business.

Key Requirements for the Data Scientist (Python, AWS, MongoDB, SQL) position:

- A love for all things Data!
- Be able to scrape, manipulate and correlate Data to Business and End users. 
- Very self sufficient
- Not afraid to experiment with Data structures to correlate market information
- Looking to work In a challenging position where you can be autonomous
- Proficient in 1 or all of Python, AWS, MongoDB, SQL, Git. 
- Fundamental eagerness to interact with Clients

The Data Scientist (Python, AWS, MongoDB, SQL) role is a unique opportunity for an individual to self-manage and accelerate performance of all things Data in a rewarding Agency environment. If you are seeking a challenging role liek this apply now.