Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Role Mission The Data Analyst will gather and analyse data, create reports for business managers and help identify key business trends. In this varied role, you will gain valuable exposure to all areas of online business. 
This role will help provide a data view of the whole company. Web traffic, digital marketing campaigns, sales leads and customer engagement are just some of the areas you will analyse.  
As well as providing regular weekly and monthly data reports, you will also work on range of data related projects. 

1. Digital data: 
The objective is to measure, monitor and optimise digital performance across all platforms and              channels, delivering actionable insights which drive improvements. 
Success will be:

? Effectively using Google analytics and other data sources available to analyse and report on effectiveness of the website and come up with recommendations to improve the site.

? Reporting on key metrics, analysing and interpreting trends and providing actionable insights based on available analytics data  

? Carry out other ad hoc analysis as required e.g. for individual marketing campaigns - ? Evaluate and report on the impact of changes / new initiatives across digital platforms ? Making action-based recommendations for interface enhancements to maximise

? Analysing the effect of different online and offline channels on each other and developing and implementing innovative strategies for improvement and growth

3. Data Management: 
 The objective is to  effectively ?manage master data, including creation, updates, and deletion 
Success is:

? Identifying opportunities for improvements to routine data processing and propose          developments to tools/systems to deliver efficiencies.

? Leading in development of key data sets by frequent or regular information users, including development of techniques or systems.

? Automated highly complex data processing tasks including the importing and exporting of data  and associated reporting tools.