Cyber Security Architect

Cyber Security Architect

Cyber Security Architect


Key responsibilities:

* To work on Client programmes and deliver against security strategy objectives.
* To advise across clients as a domain subject matter expert.
* To work internally to support the continued development of blueprints, whitepapers and templates.


Job Criteria


Solution architecture:

Leads the development of architectures for complex systems, ensuring consistency with specified requirements agreed with both external, and internal customers.

Takes full responsibility for the balance between functional, service quality and systems management requirements within a significant area of the organisation.

Establishes policy and strategy for the selection of systems architecture components, and co-ordinates design activities, promoting the discipline to ensure consistency.

Ensures that appropriate standards (corporate, industry, national and international) are adhered to.

Within a business change programme, manages the target design, policies and standards, working proactively to maintain a stable, viable architecture and ensure consistency of design across projects within the programme.

Systems design:

Specifies and designs large or complex systems

Selects appropriate design standards, methods and tools, consistent with agreed enterprise and solution architectures and ensures they are applied effectively.

Reviews others' systems designs to ensure selection of appropriate technology, efficient use of resources, and integration of multiple systems and technology.

Contributes to policy for selection of architecture components.
Evaluates and undertakes impact analysis on major design options and assesses and manages associated risks.

Ensures that the system design balances functional, service quality, security and systems management requirements.

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