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Suzy Leogue

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Suzy Leogue

Recruitment Consultant

We’re delighted to introduce you to Suzy Leogue, one of our world-class recruitment consultants. Suzy brings an unmatched energy to the team and drive to deliver excellence throughout every interaction with candidates and clients alike.

We asked Suzy, what are you most looking forward to during your career at Harrington Starr?

“I’m here to make a change. I thoroughly enjoy helping candidates make their next career move and so am thrilled to be in an environment where I can truly make this happen. Surrounded by incredibly supportive colleagues, I’m confident I can regularly reach this goal.”

And why did you join Harrington Starr?

“I wanted to be part of a company that is actually the best at what they do. I wanted to ensure I got my recruitment career off to the best start possible. Before joining I was made to feel excited and confident that this was the role for me- and that feeling hasn’t changed!”

Suzy Leogue