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Reece Seymour

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Reece Seymour

Recruitment Consultant

Specialising in Clouds, DevOps and Automation roles, Reece is an indispensable member of our team, delivering exceptional roles and talent to the marketplace. Taking time to understand individual requirements and catering the service accordingly, Reece has been consistently recognised for his reflective approach.

Having worked with a diverse range of candidates, we asked Reece what the common thread amongst successful candidates is?

“It’s genuine interest. Knowing your industry and being passionate about it goes a long way. This will then manifest into a desire to develop new skills and having a keen eye for continuous learning.”

That’s how candidates can stand-out. What does Harrington Starr do to differently that allows us to stand-out?

“We really listen to each and every candidate and dive into individual skills to ensure we really cater for everyone’s needs. This allows us to truly maximise the potential of the candidate, and they can present their best selves to world-class firms.”

Reece Seymour