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James Porcelli

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James Porcelli

Recruitment Consultant

James Porcelli is an integral member of our team in New York, actively working to support candidates and clients alike in seizing the opportunities that are rife in the North American financial services space.

We asked James what it takes to be a standout candidate in this increasingly competitive marketplace?

"In my opinion, the top strength I look for that would label you as a standout candidate would be adaptability. The financial industry is constantly evolving, and a willingness to constantly learn and adapt to new technologies and trends is important for long-term success."

And looking at James' personal career, we asked why he chose to join Harrington Starr?

"As a finance enthusiast, joining Harrington Starr was an easy choice as you are surrounded by exceptional financial technology recruitment specialists every day. The work we get to do has a real tangible impact on the wider economy; especially given the ever-exciting role financial services plays in this economic growth."

James Porcelli