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Ben Owen

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Ben Owen

Recruitment Consultant

​Ben Owen, based in our London offices, joins our world-class team to elevate our marketplace position even further. With a commitment to mastering the art of recruitment, Ben is driven to offer candidates and clients life-changing opportunities, truly bettering their future.

We asked Ben what it takes to be a standout candidate in this competitive marketplace?

“They must be prepared, passionate and enthusiastic. And they need to marry this with a clear goal of where they want to go. This will align you with the right opportunity and give you a powerful career drive.”

And what does Harrington Starr do differently that allows you to offer the best advice to candidates?

“It’s the environment. It’s inclusive, encouraging, supportive, and educational, and it nurtures and motivates everyone to exceed their personal expectations. That’s what allows me to perform at my best.”

Ben Owen