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Anthony Mills

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Anthony Mills

Senior Recruiter

Anthony Mills is our brilliant Global Head of Talent Acquisition. Building-up our internal excellence, Anthony is proactively seeking the best recruitment talent that can truly take Harrington Starr to new heights. Crafting a curated internal training programme, championing our workplace culture, and creating an industry-leading onboarding process, Anthony is creating an environment that allows every consultant, no matter experience level, to thrive.

We asked Millsy to tell us more about the Harrington Starr experience…

“We have four different approaches to training to ensure all learning styles are accounted and catered for. Our twelve week programme ensures a comprehensive and sustained approach to development, scrapping the generic, rushed approach to learning. We equip everyone with the ability to be their best selves and the best consultant possible. With a C-Suite team invested in everyone’s progress, an excellent tech stack, a supportive marketing team, and consultative brilliance surrounding you, there is every chance to fulfil your career ambitions.”

And what does it take to be a standout candidate?

“I have two simple criteria: That you are a genuinely good person; and you can perform in a way that will raise the bar, raise the average.”

Anthony Mills