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Careers for: Experienced Recruiters

It’s time to take your career to the next level. Join an ambitious, high-performing team that values mutual support and collaboration – and gives you the opportunities you deserve.

Harringotn Starr Circle

Why work for Harrington Starr

What are you looking for in your next role?
Having spoken to hundreds of experienced recruiters, the common denominators are: a friendly culture, useful training and the ability to move up the career ladder and be successful financially.
You get all of that at Harrington Starr. New starters, candidates and clients alike always comment on how passionate people are here. Your colleagues look forward to coming to work, are confident in what they do – and have no ceiling on what they can achieve or earn. Read on to learn more about life as a Starr, and then apply for one of our current vacancies.

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  • “It’s a really supportive and cohesive environment and culture, which is quite difficult to find in recruitment.”

    Harriet Lamplugh de Smith - AVP
  • “You can always ask for support, and there’s lots of guidance and advice around you. You’re never thinking – should I be asking that? Am I wasting their time?”

    James Platt - Recruitment Consultant
  • “There are so many different people from different backgrounds and ages in the business. I love the way it all comes together.”

    Harry Vane - Account Director

Our Culture

Positivity, Excellence, Execution, Esprit de Corps and Kaizen – they’re our values, and they truly shape our culture and the experience you have working here.
Everyone at Harrington Starr is motivated, but it isn’t a cut-throat, competitive environment. When you meet the team, you see that everyone’s ambitious and hard-working but also authentic, and there’s a clear understanding that everyone succeeds together. We’re a real family, which is why we encourage teamwork and celebrate collaborative as well as individual achievements.

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Training & Development

We always talk about how we continuously improve the magic touches we offer clients and candidates – and that commitment extends to the way we nurture staff. 

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    Continuous Improvement

    We don’t believe in unrealistic annual targets. You don’t just get a review and sent on your way. Kaizen is one of our core values, and it means you get ongoing training and support that help you progress.

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    Structures & Support

    The word ‘process’ has a negative reputation in recruitment, but our team is living proof that the right processes lead to success. You have clear structures and support in place to help you boost performance and develop skills.

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    Fun & Practical​

    We’re talking Harrington Starr University, sports psychologists and lunch-and-learns, not out-of-date DVDs or washed-up trainers. We look beyond the narrow scope of recruitment skills with a holistic approach that helps you succeed.

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    CIO Bulletin Magazine named us among the 30 Most Innovative Companies 2017. Yes, we focus on brilliant basics, but we’re also committed to putting you at the cutting edge

Career Opportunity

We pride ourselves on our high-performance culture, with the aim of being in the top 1% individually and as a business. And that means there’s no limit to what you can achieve.
Progression is transparent (there truly are no politics), and there are opportunities to grow your portfolio, tap new markets, work globally and manage teams.
The only question is: where do you want your career to go?


  • Rewards

    Get ready to reap the financial rewards of success. We put clear structures and support in place to help you boost performance, and you’ll know exactly what you have to do to hit your bonus. In fact, you help set your own targets – so you know they’re realistic.
    Staff routinely describe the commissions structure as “superb”, and as with career progression, there’s no cap on what you can earn. And on top of the financial rewards, there are the fun perks like supper clubs, days out and more.

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