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The Financial Technologist is our industry-leading magazine, a playbook for industry excellence; an indispensable resource for both clients and candidates alike. We produce three editions of the magazine each year and deliver them to an audience of over 100,000 across the FinTech marketplace.

Each magazine showcases a wealth of financial services knowledge: from technology trends, to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, there is a subject matter for everyone to engage with. Explore our latest magazine in our media hub.

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    Why are TechPassport the Best Startup to Work For?

    When writing this I initially started with the product and how this helps buyers and suppliers connect it is the purpose of TechPassport but not the reason that we are the best start up to work for.I joined TechPassport 5 months ago, and have really enjoyed this time, due to the people that I work with. The development and progression that the company has been through within this time has been huge, but this has been built through determination and commitment from the team. TechPassport was founded by Layla White (CEO) in 2019 just before the pandemic hit- a reason that many companies incorporated at that time failed. Being honest, it stunted the early growth of the company, and where lesser CEOs would have taken the safe option (rightly so) to stop and find stable employment so that they could continue to support their families, Layla didn’t; she continued to drive the company forward as much as she could because she believed in the idea and believed that this would make a difference to many companies!Over the past couple of years, not only have TechPassport been able to onboard a huge name in Morgan Stanley, we have also been able to commence Think Tanks with 10 of the largest banks in the world. This has happened due to commitment from whole team at TechPassport, and there is a culture of success, determination and thinking outside the box.One of the things that surprised me the most about TechPassport is the amount of love that the company shows and how invested people are in the company. The employees are able to have a work life balance, they are able to attend sports days, parents evening, enjoy their time off without worry and stress. This might not sound out of the normal for many people but I have worked in FinTech and start-ups for many years and these things don’t come as standard. The employees at TechPassport are so brought in to the company and the vision, they go above and beyond to make sure that the company grows. There are also many people who do not work for TechPassport that are keen advocates of TechPassport and go out of their way to help get us in front of the right people, as they believe in the product and more importantly the people.To summarise, TechPassport is a company built on the back of people, with an owner that understands and drives a family and health first culture. This encourages people to give more and want to do what they can to push the company forward.   Employees can have their own opinions, raise suggestions knowing that, they will be listened to and taken seriously. It’s early days at TechPassport but the future is bright and exciting, and I am looking forward to revisiting this article in 2 years’ time to see how we have grown in that time.​

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    The Great Resignation – A Hidden Opportunity in FinTech

    To get the best talent in the door, we look for people who look different, who are different, the old CV approaches aren’t sufficient (were they ever?); instead use DEI attuned screening technology like that of Sigma Polaris. Be respectful of individuality, and be as awesome to your staff as you want to seem to your clients. It pays off, always.This is where DEIB, D&I, or DEI comes in. Acronyms differ, but the intention stays the same.Also, how do we carve out irregular holes for them to fit in, if previously we only had circles and triangles in the company? However, this comes with two problems: How do we evaluate these new talents that either have a completely different background, or built their CVs with schools, processes, and titles in different cultures? They look different, and that makes it harder to find the best.The solution is obvious, but very difficult to implement. We need to look broader when considering talent. We need to do what the trailblazers did, and open our doors to new and different faces. We need to consider the people with different and unusual backgrounds or look abroad for workers with all the similar and unique challenges that arises with that.Take stage: the Reshufflers, international workers, and DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging).Slowly, but surely, it has become apparent to most that relying on the old talent pool is unsustainable.Yet, most companies observed increasingly fewer talent applying that fit their Required Skills and Experience. A staffing frenzy ensured, with wage inflation, continuous staffing shortage, and bidding wars on the applicants in the ever more competitive talent pool.Several companies, in tech and beyond, recognised this as the opportunity it was: a chance to find brilliant people from other sectors who have the transferable skills, knowledge, and novel perspectives,to lead new bursts of innovation.Either due to stagnating pay(a problem with increased cost of living), or looking to do something different and more exciting.Then enters the Great Resignation. In early 2021, in the wake of COVID-19, employees across sectors, seniorities, and demographics resigned en masse. We all know it, the staffing crisis in tech has been an issue since the 80s (arguably even earlier), and the severity has only increased as the technology has refused to slow down.The technological revolution has moved at a breakneck speed, leaving the people in the know speechless; imagine if cars doubled their speed every year, or if generator’s energy efficiency increased by just 10%: there’d be no energy crisis. The only thing that has slowed down the revolution has been the lack of technologists at its forefront that are able to take advantage of the opportunities of evermore powerful hardware.Intel’s founder, Gordon Moore observed that the number of transistors that can fit into a microchip doubles every 18-24months. Meaning, that the speed and storage capacity of our chips roughly doubles every two years. Remarkably, this has held true since the 1960s.​

  • The Latest Issue
    The Financial Technologist | The Top 1% Workplace Awards 2022

    As another year of unparalleled innovation and disruption draws to a close, we celebrate those driving this transformative movement in the final edition of The Financial Technologist for 2022. The Top 1% Workplace Awards are the feature piece of this magazine, showcasing marketplace brilliance; exploring everything from exceptional cultures, to leadership, and focussing in on the phenomenal technology teams driving the financial services evolution.This year we received a record number of applications for the awards- and as such, we are exposed to a greater spectrum of what it means to be part of the Top 1% of our industry. Congratulations to everyone recognised in The Top 1% Workplace Awards- you are truly establishing a new standard for excellence.Also featured in this edition are a host of industry insights that guide us through the changes, growth and challenges of 2022- and attuned predictions for 2023.Download your free copy of The Financial Technologist now to discover the winners of The Top 1% Workplace Awards, and engage with the latest Financial Services news and thought leaders.Download The Financial Technologist

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    Apply Now: The Top 1% Workplace Awards 2022

    ​Nominations for The Top 1% Workplace Awards are now open!Following on from the success of last years awards, we are once again closing 2022 with a celebration of the best firms across the FinTech and Financial Services space.Are you part of a Top 1% Workplace?Below is a list of the categories featured as part of The Top 1% Workplace Awards. Each firm may only apply for one category.​HOW TO APPLYPlease email indicating which category you would like to be considered for. We will then be in touch to arrange a 15 minute video interview slot, in which you will be asked a short series of questions to gauge why you should win the selected category. You will be informed of the questions beforehand.These video interviews are then sent to our world-class judging panel to determine the overall winners of each category.Winners will then be published in the next edition of our industry-leading magazine, The Financial Technologist, on the 5th of December.DEADLINE TO APPLY IS FRIDAY 9TH OF SEPTEMBER. VIDEO INTERVIEWS WILL THEN BE CONDUCTED AFTER THIS DATE.Please email us with any further questions or​

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    The Financial Technologist: FinTech Pathways

    The Financial Technologist: FinTech Pathways​This edition of The Financial Technologist is your playbook for career progression, for industry change, for the year ahead, and beyond. We revisit the thoughts of industry leaders, and gather their observations on the year so far, and what we can be doing to accelerate further innovation throughout 2022. We bring you our largest ever industry survey. We asked the marketplace for their take on learning and development, leadership, technology, DE&I, career moves and pay; and have collated their opinions in this magazine, delivering you invaluable insights, no matter where you are in your career. And the Salary Guide returns! Covering all verticals across FinTech, and taking data from both the UK and US, this is your chance to discover the pay trends across the space. Download your free copy now to begin tracing your career roadmap through FinTech. As this magazine reveals, 2022 has been incredible so far, but there are boundless opportunities for us still to pursue.Download your Free Copy of The Financial Technologist Here:​

  • The Financial Technologist Magazine The Most Influential Financial Technology Firms of 2022
    The Most Influential Financial Technology Firms of 2022

    ​We are delighted to bring you this edition of The Financial Technologist, featuring The Most Influential Financial Technology Firms of 2022.Showcasing the best of our industry, this years edition is the largest to date and brings ground-breaking insights from those at the fore of change in the space.From the increasingly inevitable presence of crypto, to the role DE&I plays in FinTech, our first magazine of 2022 is brimming with attuned observations, reflections and predictions for what will undoubtedly be an exciting year ahead. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this edition- and congratulations to all those recognised as one of The Most Influential Financial Technology Firms of 2022!Download your free copy of The Financial Technologist here: The Financial Technologist: The Most Influential Financial Technology Firms of 2022​

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    The Financial Technologist: The Top 1% Workplace Awards

    As we approach the end of 2021, it's time to celebrate the greats of our industry! This edition of The Financial Technologist brings you The Top 1% Workplace Awards, showcasing the most innovative and ground-breaking firms that are disrupting the FinTech space.We recognise the entire spectrum of excellence that exists in our industry, and gain exclusive insights into the traits and practices that put them at the fore of the marketplace.Click here to download your free copy now: The Financial Technologist: The Top 1% Workplace Awards

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    The Financial Technologist - 2021 2nd Edition!

    As the World slowly eases its way back to normality, the latest edition of The Financial Technologist magazine charts the new territory being trodden by some of the brightest names in the industry. Inspiring leaders talk about the trials and tribulations brought upon them by the pandemic and what kept them on the straight and narrow throughout and led them to some extraordinary cases of success, innovation, and the theme of this magazine - growth.​Download your copy today for free by clicking the link below and look out for more related content on our YouTube and Podcast channels.​​