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FinTech Focus TV is hosted by Harrington Starr’s CEO, Toby Babb. Engaging in conversations with the industry’s foremost thought leaders, each episode is an exploration of innovation, growth, and technological change. Having co-founded Harrington Starr in 2010, Toby has truly seen the tumultuous journey this space has been on and brings this reflective stance to each episode; we gain a truly comprehensive view of where we’ve been, and where we’re still to go. Be part of the ground-breaking conversation shaping FinTech, on FinTech Focus TV.

We are always looking for people from across the industry to join us on FinTech Focus TV? Keen to get involved? Or know someone ideal for the show?

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  • Helen Disney Blog Thumbnail
    What Will the Era of Convergence Mean for the Finance World? | FinTech Focus TV with Helen Disney, Director of The Realization Group

    ​Welcome back to another episode of FinTech Focus TV. Today, Toby is joined by none other than Helen Disney, Director of The Realization Group.Named a "blockchain guru" by Barclays, Helen's impressive background in digital assets, cryptocurrency and blockchain– paired with now working in the traditional finance (TradFi) services arena– has positioned her perfectly in the middle of the two worlds merging together.This is an exciting time for the finance world and we're thrilled to be working with Helen and The Realization Group to produce our upcoming documentary, The Era of Convergence. In this podcast, Toby and Helen discuss what this documentary will showcase within the 'TradFi Vs DeFi' conversation and share some of the compelling conversations we've had so far. Find out more about the documentary here.Finally, Helen shares her thoughts on the future of finance and contemplates the role that banks will play in a post-digitized world where technology could be the sole middleman.You don't want to miss this episode, and keep an eye out for our documentary which is due to launch at the end of November this year! Watch or stream the full episode via your chosen platform below. YouTube​Spotify​Apple​Buzzsprout​

  • Roei Website Blog
    Securing Tomorrow's Hub of Innovation | FinTech Focus TV with Roei Samuel, CEO and Founder of Connectd

    Joining Toby in the FinTech Focus TV Studio is Roei Samuel, CEO and Founder of Connectd.To all founders out there, no matter where you are in your journey, this episode is for you. Roei provides us with a masterclass on the mentality, approach and drive that lies behind every founding journey.Given current marketplace climates and emerging uncertainty, conservatism creeps in and opportunities become seemingly sparse. But in Roei's conversation with Toby, we're reminded how we can become more opportunistic. From the obvious of ensuring you have an exceptional team by your side, to the more unconventional admittance that founders require a certain degree of delusion, Roei imparts his knowledge on dealing with turbulent times.And the pair explore the current state of funding. Again, that uncertainty is making funds more sparse, but it is out there. What does it take for a business to acquire it?Thank you Roei for joining us on FinTech Focus TV! Watch the Full Episode now on YouTube:Or Stream the Full Episode on your chosen podcast platform:Apple:Spotify:​

  • Steele Eye Blog Pic
    Tracing SteelEye's Exceptional Funding Journey | FinTech Focus TV with Matt Smith, CEO at SteelEye

    Recorded in the growing London SteelEye office, we are pleased to welcome back Matt Smith, CEO at SteelEye, to this episode of FinTech Focus TV. Matt joins us to announce their very exciting news, as they have raised $21m in Series B funding, and discusses how the burgeoning RegTech market is shaping the future of compliance for financial institutions. Matt also shares his thoughts on increasing regulation and cost pressures on financial institutions' compliance strategies, and how SteelEye's holistic platform can help firms navigate these challenges.​Watch the full episode here:​​Or stream on your chosen podcast platform:Apple:Spotify:

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    Leadership Drives Culture & Culture Drives Performance | FFTV with Craig Cecilio of DiversyFund

    ​On the latest episode of FinTech Focus TV, we talk to Craig Cecilio, CEO and founder of DiversyFund, about what it takes to build a company from the ground up. Craig's company has been through its fair share of turbulence, but he's come out stronger than ever on the other side. He talks to us about where his company's message comes from, what drove him to start it in the first place, and how he got it where it is today. Plus: the main lessons that allowed for growth over a difficult period; taking advantage of opportunities; "leadership drives culture and culture drives performance"; coming out of the pandemic realising how important having no turnover is; building that culture out was very important; counted towards a huge part of the success of the business. We also talk about what's next for DiversyFund—investment/investors funding rounds, basic fundamentals…and top tips on how you can thrive in this market!Watch the full episode here:​​Or stream on your chosen podcast platform:​​

  • Paul Blog Image
    Putting Buy-Side Talk Into Action | FFTV with Paul O'Brien, Founder & CEO of Glimpse Markets

    Paul O'Brien, Founder and CEO of Glimpse Markets, joins Toby on this revealing episode of FinTech Focus TV.​Paul helps us to explore recent shortcomings of the buy-side marketplace, and the proactive work Glimpse Markets is doing to address this. Despite only launching recently, the work done so far has been transformative and so Paul shares what it takes to truly maximise early success.The pair also delve into the industries current approach to data. Current asymmetries in how the market handles data aren't sustainable and so Paul introduces us to a new mindset and approach to the future that will optimise our ability to harness the power of data.And Paul's refreshing, empathetic approach to business is the thought we are left with at the close of this episode. We are reminded of the power of the personable touch and not simply allowing ourselves to be preoccupied with the ease of digitalisation.Watch the full episode here:Or stream on your chosen podcast platform:Apple:Spotify:Download your free copy of The Financial Technologist here.Enquire about The Era of Convergence Documentary:

  • Duncan Trenholme Thumbnail
    Cryptoassets: The New Structure for Traditional Finance? | FinTech Focus TV with Duncan Trenholme, Co-Head of Digital Assets at TP ICAP

    ​Welcome back to another episode of FinTech Focus TV. Today, Toby is thrilled to welcome Duncan Trenholme, Co-Head of Digital Assets at TP ICAP, to the show.In this episode, Duncan shares his personal journey into the digital assets space since his initial graduate programme at TP ICAP in 2008. After a successful 8-9 years in equities, Duncan fell into a "rabbit hole of crypto and bitcoin" through personal interest– an interest that would ultimately transform his place within the traditional finance (TradFi) industry. Duncan has been at the forefront of the revolution and it has been fascinating to hear his thoughts about the future of the sector. Toby invites Duncan to share what the 'Era of Convergence' means to him; the pair continue to discuss how both TradFi and DeFi (decentralised finance) have influenced one another to catalyse technological innovation. Duncan is a true visionary, this is an episode not to be missed.Stream or watch the full episode below.YouTube​Spotify​Apple​

  • Rupack Blog 01
    Current Trends Impacting Financial Services | FinTech Focus TV with Rupak Ghose, COO at Galytix

    Hosted by Toby, we are delighted to welcome Rupak Ghose, COO at Galytix, to this episode of FinTech Focus TV.Following on from the release of their recent publication, Rupak joins us to offer exclusive insights into Galytix's joint report with PwC on Early Warning Systems in banking, as well as covering his brilliant history and the stunning success of Galytix so far.Toby and Rupak also looked at the current mega trends impacting financial services, early warning signals and the opportunities in a potential recession across the entire financial services space.This is a brilliant episode, thank you Rupak for joining us in the Harrington Starr studio!​Watch the full episode here:​Or stream on your chosen podcast platform:​​​​Download The Financial Technologist Magazine Here.​

  • George Toursoulopoulos Blog Thumbnail
    Empowerment through Data Independence | FinTech Focus TV with George Toursoulopoulos, CEO of Synetec

    Welcome back to another episode of FinTech Focus TV. Today, Toby is joined by George Toursoulopoulos, CEO of Synetec.Synetec are a tech and data consultancy working mostly with buy-side asset managers in the UK, Europe and now the US. In this episode, George shares his learns from his extensive career and the challenges that Synetec are tackling to help their customers. Some argue that the buy-side space has been underserved in terms of technological innovation, but recently, that’s all changing. Challenges like the 2008 market crash and the COVID-19 pandemic have lead firms to embrace tech and data in a far greater way. George elaborates on how businesses in the buy-side space have moved from a habit of out-sourcing with costly, bespoke systems to the adoption of saas offerings. The industries impression of the public cloud has certainly evolved and this has encouraged an investment of innovation. With that comes more frequent changes, allowing firms to quickly adapt and own their data. George is coining this data transformation trend “Data independence” and believes companies should be empowered to take ownership of their unique stories through their unique data. Watch the full video on YouTube​Or stream below on your chosen platform.Apple​Spotify​Buzzsprout​