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FinTech Focus TV is hosted by Harrington Starr’s CEO, Toby Babb. Engaging in conversations with the industry’s foremost thought leaders, each episode is an exploration of innovation, growth, and technological change. Having co-founded Harrington Starr in 2010, Toby has truly seen the tumultuous journey this space has been on and brings this reflective stance to each episode; we gain a truly comprehensive view of where we’ve been, and where we’re still to go. Be part of the ground-breaking conversation shaping FinTech, on FinTech Focus TV.

We are always looking for people from across the industry to join us on FinTech Focus TV? Keen to get involved? Or know someone ideal for the show?

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  • Emma Landriault Blog Thumbnail
    A Global View on Digital Assets | FFTV with Emma Landriault, Product Lead at Big 5 bank in Canada

    ​Welcome back to another episode of FinTech Focus TV, recorded live at FinTech Connect 2022. Today, Toby is joined by Emma Landriault, Product Lead at Big 5 bank in Canada.Bringing her international experience of the marketplace to the show, Emma shares her thoughts on how the global banking industry can embrace the movement towards digital assets. Exploring DeFi and the adoption of distributed ledger technology, we get a truly insightful look at the future of our space. We also look back at last year and discuss some of the biggest highlights that have left us excited for what 2023 holds: risk-taking, funding, investments, new business and evolving regulator relationships. This is a fascinating discussion; thank you Emma for joining us! You can stream or watch the entire episode via your chosen platform below.YouTubeSpotifyAppleBuzzsprout​For more information on this topic, watch our most recent documentary 'The Era of Convergence', here.

  • Alfonso Blog Thumbnail
    Making Finance Heroes with Game-Changing Tech | FFTV w/ Alfonso Fernandez Stuyck, Founder @ QoKoon

    Welcome back to another episode of FinTech Focus TV, recorded live at FinTech Connect 2022. Today, Toby is joined by Alfonso Fernandez Stuyck, Founder and CEO of QoKoon. Alfonso's career in investment management and private banking exposed him to the many inefficiencies within businesses' finance teams and how they record their financial analyses. For years he has been appealing for automation within these areas. Eventually, his passion for entrepreneurship led him to build QoKoon as the solution. Poor financial management is one of the top costs of failing companies. Alfonso shares how QoKoon are solving this by providing instant, digestible reports– with written commentary– powered by AI. Thank you to Alfonso for joining us at FinTech Connect! We look forward to seeing how QoKoon grow within this exciting, dynamic industry.You can stream or watch the entire episode via your chosen platform below. YouTubeSpotifyAppleBuzzsprout

  • Dante New Blog
    The Recession is a Golden Opportunity to make Payments Great | FinTech Focus TV with Dante Siracusa, CPO at Carta Worldwide

    Joining Toby on this episode of FinTech Focus TV is Carta Worldwide's Chief Product Officer, Dante Siracusa.​Carta Worldwide thrives through unrestrained global operations, and Dante guides us through the immense global footprint the company has developed that ensures they aren't limited by a siloed geography.Such an expansive approach has placed them at fore of the changing face of payments. With a looming recession, the future may seem uncertain; but Dante walks us through his approach to the evolving landscape, painting a picture of the different types of financial institutions that will emerge during this period.Whilst not all depictions of the future are glowing, Dante reveals what it will take from all in the payments space to ensure good prevails.Toby and Dante also cover the volatility of digital currencies; the role of regulators in 2023; and how Carta Worldwide played an instrumental role in the development of Apple Pay.Thank you Dante for joining us on the show!Watch the Full Episode now on YouTube:Or Stream the Full Episode on your chosen podcast platform...Apple Podcasts:Spotify:

  • Mikael Lijtenstein Website Cover
    An Astonishing Global Success Story | FinTech Focus TV with Mikael Lijtenstein, CEO of AstroPay

    Welcome to another episode of FinTech Focus TV, where today Toby is delighted to welcome Mikael Lijtenstein, CEO of AstroPay, to the show.Toby and Mikael's conversation speaks to all aspiring software engineers out there, no matter where you are on your journey; this episode brings a host of insights, exploring problem-solving solutions, technology tips, how to be authentically user-centric, and subsequently, how to satisfy user needs.As a leader in the space, Mikael shares his route and impressive journey to date, including how he climbed the corporate ladder in such a short space of time. We also gain his expertise on the thought process behind Marketing and Sales, and how to overcome challenges in a large, fully remote business.This is a great episode to kickstart the year, as we hear what is in store for Astropay in 2023.Stream or watch the full episode below.YouTube​Spotify​Apple​Buzzsprout​

  • Alex Z Blog Thumbnail
    Mending the Broken Trust of Digital Assets | FinTech Focus TV with Alex Zeltcer, Co-Founder and CEO of

    Welcome to another episode of FinTech Focus TV. Today, Toby is joined by Alex Zeltcer, Co-Founder and CEO of is an advanced fraud prevention platform. It is a solution that protects sellers of digital goods, focusing on high-risk digital domains, such as prepaid and gaming. They collect and analyze data in real-time to provide revenue assurance and chargeback guarantees.Alex shares some of his lessons as a founder and entrepreneur. He stresses that passion and genuine belief in yourself and your business are the most critical elements to a successful startup.Despite the infamous "crypto winter", Alex believes digital assets will shape the future of financial services, and is building exciting plans for that will allow them to seize the opportunities of this new era in 2023.​Watch or stream the full episode via your chosen platform below.YouTubeSpotifyApple​Buzzsprout

  • Fftv Roy Website Blog
    Scaling from A-C: Lessons From AccessFintech | FinTech Focus TV with Roy Saadon, CEO and Co-Founder of AccessFintech

    Joining Toby in the Harrington Starr Studio for this episode of FinTech Focus TV is Roy Saadon, CEO and Co-Founder of AccessFintech.Celebrating the successes of the firm across 2022 (and most recently their recognition as The Best Start-Up To Work For in The Top 1% Workplace Awards), Roy reflects on a defining year, and how he's ensuring such wins don’t lull him into a dangerous sense of complacency.2022 saw AccessFintech brilliantly raise funds to take them to the next level of innovation- but the journey was by no means linear or easy. Roy shares the physical and mental toll this had on him, and the stresses it brought to every aspect of his life. Roy translates his experience into tangible learns for us all, reminding those entering a fundraising round to prioritise good people, good investors, and learning to read the map that will help them navigate often essential risk taking exercises.And as we head into 2023, Roy reveals how important marketplace positioning will be, and the power that will give you to influence changing winds.Thank you Roy for joining us on this episode of FinTech Focus TV- a true masterclass for all entrepreneurs out there, no matter what stage they may be at!Watch the Full Episode now on YouTube:​Or Stream the Full Episode on your chosen podcast platform...Apple Podcasts:Spotify:Explore the full results of The Top 1% Workplace Awards by downloading your free copy of The Financial Technologist here.To learn more about FinTech Focus TV, get in

  • Rodney Blog 01
    How FinTech Changes Lives | FinTech Focus TV with Rodney Williams, Co-Founder SoLo Funds & LISNR

    On this episode of FinTech Focus TV, Toby is delighted to welcome Rodney Williams, Co-Founder SoLo Funds & LISNR to the show. Rodney tells us how his background in branding unconventionally led him to his unique solution for short-term lending. And the journey since then has been equally eye-opening. From organic growth to future-proofing the business, Rodney has created a firm that is redefining what's next for financial services. SoLo Funds has created a marketplace for borrowers and lenders to come together. It is truly an incredible community-orientated firm disrupting the industry. But getting to this point hasn't always been a linear journey. Rodney talks about the challenges they have experienced since they raised money, understanding his target audience, what he has learned from regulators, and how he deals with the ever-present stigma in the space. Thank you Rodney for joining us on this episode of FinTech Focus TV!Stream or watch the full episode below.YouTubeSpotify​AppleBuzzsprout​

  • Nick Root Blog Thumbnail 01
    Automating Finance with Corporate Quitters | FInTech Focus TV with Nick Root, CEO of Intergiro

    ​Welcome back to another episode of FinTech Focus TV. Today, Toby is delighted to be joined by the fantastic Nick Root, CEO of Intergiro.Nick's career started in banking where he worked at two of the world's oldest financial institutions, but for the last 6 years, he has taken the entrepreneurial route with Intergiro.A curiosity towards the endless potential of the internet–for example, cryptocurrency, Inter-Bank Fund Transfer (IFT), marketplaces, platforms, and "all the usual suspects"– led Nick and his colleagues to build an all-in-one platform offering multi-currency bank accounts, card issuing and card acquiring across Europe.Nick shares his gratitude for the corporate world and the lessons he learnt along the way. But, as a self-proclaimed misfit, Nick sought to use his technical knowledge to support his creative side and construct innovative new products and services. In this episode, he shares how he made his vision a reality and has accomplished running a remote-first business– even before the pandemic!You can watch or stream the full episode on your chosen platform below.YouTube​SpotifyAppleBuzzsprout​