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    Harrington Starr at Money 20/20

    Harrington Starr's trip to Money 20/20 ✈️👏Last week our own Nadia flew to Amsterdam to moderate the "The great resignation or something else?" panel.The COVID19 pandemic precipitated a global questioning of the relevance of traditional office work, ushering in 'The Great Resignation'.We explored how FinTech companies have embraced the change, offering new and exciting opportunities for advancement, retraining, and fresh starts, empowering industry growth and igniting talent acquisition from untraditional sources.We jumped on a TikTok trend to show you a small insight into our day 👀​For more insights on the day click here.

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    Revisit Our Team's Trip at the Fintech B2B Marketing Conference!

    ​On Wednesday 27th April 2022, Nadia, Alexandra and Georgia attended the beautiful London venue Level 39, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf for the first Fintech B2B Marketing Conference. Harrington Starr was proud to be a media partner at the event which brought senior Financial Services and Technology marketers together. Our Marketing team interviewed industry leaders and videoed the panel sessions, full discussions here: you can catch up on our feature-length and highlight videos coming soon!The FinTech B2B Marketing Conference 2022 showcased forward thinkers, award-winning experts, and 100+ of your senior industry peers. This event brought together a wealth of insight and industry best practices to help solve day-to-day marketing challenges including:• Unique and innovative ways to drive new customer acquisition and retention• Greater operational efficiency• Accelerated marketing automation• Reduced marketing costsWhy Attend the FinTech B2B Marketing Conference?It was a great chance to engage with senior decision-makers in the space, covering the latest themes in B2B Marketing that impacts Financial Services and Technology marketers. The morning member's session unpacked and answered many key questions in a dynamic way, as well as the afternoon panel discussions which were brimming with insightful information.Staying on top of your B2B Marketing demands in a fast-paced environment is key, and understanding strategic and leader level content, alongside tactics and execution tips is crucial to any successful marketing role. The team took full advantage of the networking opportunities at the event, with a wide range of companies, roles and providers there- it was great to meet people who we have been working with for the first time as well since the pandemic! Overall it was a great day, congratulations Payal and the team and thank you for having us work with you on such a successful event.​​

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    Next Generation Adaptation: FIX EMEA Trading Conference | FinTech Focus TV

    ​On FinTech Focus TV, Toby was delighted to welcome Dr. Robert Barnes and Rachel Przybylski- both speakers at the FIX EMEA Trading Conference 2022. Dr. Robert and Rachel discuss the important topic of 'the face of the future workforce' as they provide elaborated on their thoughts given at the conference. Their experience is complemented by their brilliant advice as they help us explore what managers can do to adapt their current workforce to meet the needs of the next generation. And from this what skills we need to retain from the current industry eco-structure to best transition to the future workforce. Dr. Robert and Rachel also expand on the importance of human capital in capital markets and how Financial Services successfully compete with Silicon Valley to attract and retain talent.Thank you Dr. Robert and Rachel for joining us on the show- it was an insightful conversation and we can't wait to hear the full discussion at the event tomorrow! Watch the full episode here: