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In Conversation with Lee Saba at FIX Americas Trading Conference | FinTech Focus TV with Lee Saba, CTO & Head of Market Structure at Rialto Markets

Author: Laura Weeks

Published date: 2023/11

Lee Saba Blog





Live from the FIX Americas Trading Conference, Toby is joined by Lee Saba, CTO & Head of Market Structure at Rialto Markets. 

In this episode, Lee delves into the transformative impact of the 2012 Jobs Act on retail investment, exploring how it revolutionized the ability to own pre-IPO securities in the US. 

Lee shares his expertise in leveraging technology for capital raising, navigating the complexities of private securities trading, and the evolving landscape of broker-dealer regulations. 

The pair ventures into the fascinating intersection of traditional and decentralized finance, discussing the regulatory challenges and opportunities in the crypto space.

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