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FinTech's DEI Discussions #WomenOfFinTech | Khushboo Patel, Head of Engagement and Inclusion at Metrobank

Author: Lydia Sear

Published date: 2023/10

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"The blame for structural inequality falls on women time and time again, then we translate it as individual inadequacies, when actually it just hides the source of the issues. It’s not our job to fix the problem that society has caused."

​On today's episode of #WomenOfFinTech, host Nadia is joined by Khushboo Patel, Head of Engagement and Inclusion at Metrobank. 

Khushboo shares her insights into Metrobank's inclusive workplace culture, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion. She underscores the legal and business imperatives behind fostering an inclusive environment while stressing that it's fundamentally the right thing to do.

The podcast delves into historical anecdotes, like "bicycle face," and its connection to imposter syndrome, shedding light on societal biases towards women. 

Khushboo calls for a shift from performative gestures to authentic, action-oriented approaches to create inclusive workplaces. Her compelling message inspires listeners to embrace diversity and inclusion as a way of life, not a passing trend, and to prioritise authenticity in their actions.