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The DEI Discussions: Can AI be Trusted with Inclusion? | Rohan Handa, Ex-Founding Member at Horizen Labs Ventures

Author: Laura Weeks

Published date: 2023/09

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The DEI Discussions is delighted to bring the Artificial Discrimination series: Can AI be trusted with Inclusion?

In the latest episode of this exclusive series, Nadia is joined by Rohan Handa, Ex-Founding Member at Horizen Labs Ventures

In this episode, Rohan highlights the challenges AI presents, particularly the "black box" issue where the decision-making process remains mysterious. And emphasizes the need for regulations, transparency, and ethical guidelines to ensure safe and responsible AI use.

Looking ahead, Rohan envisions AI taking over mundane and administrative tasks within the financial technology sector, leading to a more global and remote workforce. This shift would allow humans to focus on creative and innovative aspects of their work, fostering a renaissance period of ideation and creation in the industry.