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Responding to the Unprecedented Highs of '21-'22 | The Financial Technology Salary Survey

Author: James Platt, VP

Published date: 2023/09

James Ss

Application Support Professionals' Salary Insights: A Comprehensive Survey Revealing Earnings Across the Industry

Salaries in the Application Support space have stayed relatively similar to those of 2022.

We believe the reason for this is because hiring demand has slowed compared to the highs of ‘21 & ’22— which I would say is unsurprising given the competition of the last 2 years. Markets are reverting back to normal but sentiments are positive despite this.

Application processes remain highly competitive. But candidates continue to advocate for needs– seeking, in particular, hybrid working, a good basic salary: and pension. This can vary depending on the industry sector you are looking at– banks, asset managers and large corporates offer a stronger package across the board compared to some of the smaller scale-ups.

I have an optimistic outlook for 2023/24. For the rest of the year, I do believe the market will stay buoyant with high demand for excellent talent.

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