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DevOps and SRE Salaries: Aligned and Stabalised | The Financial Technology Salary Survey

Author: George Harris, AVP

Published date: 2023/09

George Ss

DevOps and Cloud Engineering Professionals' Salary Insight: A Comprehensive Survey Revealing Earnings Across the Industry

There’s some interesting trends we can identify when comparing salaries between 2022 and 2023. Salaries for DevOps Engineers and Site Reliability Engineers have become more aligned, with junior engineers entering DevOps earning similar salaries to those entering their first SRE role. This trend is consistent across all seniority levels.

A further trend is that Junior and Mid-Level roles are now paying slightly less than what was reported in 2022. But there’s been an increase in the more senior echelons.

When assessing candidate reactions to these changes, it seems that senior candidates tend to be more selective and value the overall role proposition. They carefully analyse opportunities and salary demands, which are typically met or occasionally surpassed, leading to their satisfaction. On the contrary, junior to mid-level candidates often face strong competition and may need to adjust their salary expectations to improve their chances of securing a job, leading to more frustration in their job search.

These areas are highly competitive. However, the potential for career growth and the high remuneration offered make it an attractive field for professionals.

In terms of future salary trends, it is anticipated that salaries will remain stable until 2024, with no significant rise or fall expected in the near term.

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