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You're Missing out on Generative AI | FinTech Focus TV with Ofir Shabtai, Co-Founder and CTO at Shield

Published date: 2023/08

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We delve into one of the most topical conversations consuming our industry on this week's episode of FinTech Focus TV.

Toby is joined by Ofir Shabtai, Co-Founder and CTO at Shield.

You can't escape ChatGPT. It's in every headline, every strategy meeting, and said to threaten close to 300 million jobs. But that's not all AI has to offer.  

Toby and Ofir look beyond the ChatGPT interface, understanding its actual, transformative use case in financial technology — and how far it still has to go to be a truly successful integration.

We must remember, most AI at our disposal offers approximate answers. And in finance, approximate isn't good enough.

So how do we build beyond this, and craft a future in which Generative AI is an indispensable, trusted tool?