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The DEI Discussions #HumansofFinTech | Adam Wheelwright, CTO at IG Group

Author: Lydia Sear

Published date: 2023/08

Adam Wheelwright Blog
"I've got a vested interest in gender diversity because I have two daughters. The idea that they can't pursue whatever careers they want to because of antiquated attitudes and a lack of inclusion is absolutely abhorrent."

This week on The DEI Discussions #HumansofFinTech chapter, Nadia is joined by Adam Wheelwright, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at IG Group.

As CTO, Adam highlights his three key areas of focus: client centricity, modern engineering practices, and learning across all levels— organisational, team and individual.

Adam urges action over talk— advocating for specialist recruiters, blind CV screening, balanced representation at panels and open dialogues on progress— as he emphasises the importance of reflecting IG's diverse population of customers within their workforce.

This is a brilliant episode packed full of advice and action we can all take to #WalkTheTalk for change across the financial technology industry and beyond.