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In Conversation with Ken Kraetzer at FinTech Connect North America | FinTech Focus TV

Author: Lydia Sear

Published date: 2023/08

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Join Toby, live at FinTech Connect North America, alongside Ken Kraetzer, Vice President at cbsi Services Inc. and Board Member of Marketing Club of New York (MCNY).

The pair share a common interest in interviewing industry experts, and celebrate the power of the knowledge they've both gained through such conversations. Ken highlights his show's focus on providing insights into technology, especially for smaller banks, and mentions the role of community banks in the industry.

Ken also reflects on his learning journey from interviewing experts, such as those from military insurance company USAA, and how the industry is evolving to adapt to new technologies and customer expectations. 

Finally, they discuss Generative AI as Ken emphasizes caution in adopting technologies like Chat GPT in financial services— highlighting that this tech isn't always 100% accurate. "What if 10% of the findings are wrong?"