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The Financial Industry Is Gatekeeping Innovation | FinTech Focus TV with Gustaf Hult, Head of BaaS at Intergiro

Author: Laura Weeks

Published date: 2023/07

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Joining Toby on the latest episode of FinTech Focus TV is Gustaf Hult, Head of BaaS at Intergiro.

After spending 10 years in traditional banking, Gustaf realized that the traditional ways were too limiting and decided to make a move. Intergiro caught his attention with their vision to build a banking platform, and though their initial plan failed, they persevered and created a cloud-native platform from scratch.

Intergiro's mission is to provide a comprehensive financial ecosystem, offering business BaaS, and card acquiring services. They challenge the traditional banking model by delivering faster, fully automated, and digital financial solutions to empower innovators and disruptors in the industry. 

Gustaf shares his insights on the revolution in banking, Intergiro's focus on enhancing payments, apps, and creating new consumer experiences. Find out what his predictions are for the future of the industry.​