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The DEI Discussions #WomenofFinTech | Kim Dhatt, People Experience Manager at Cogo

Published date: 2023/07

Kim Dhatt Women Of Fin Tech Podcast

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How do we fail forwards?

Nadia is joined by Kim Dhatt, People Experience Manager at Cogo, on this episode of the Women of FinTech podcast.

People Experience Manager: not a common job title in any industry. Kim offers us an exclusive look at just what this role entails; and why it's so important to a FinTech like Cogo.

As the industry moves through a difficult phase, employee satisfaction and retention has never been more important. We're offered a masterclass in creating reflective people strategies, with Kim sharing how she secures employee buy-in — and creates a workplace where everyone feels truly safe.

For Kim, safety is key. It adds a new dimension to the phrase of "bringing your whole self to work". It allows people to walk their talk and push the DEI agenda forward.

So how do you make this a reality in your organisation?

Join Kim and Nadia on this episode of the Women of FinTech Podcast to learn more.