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The DEI Discussions #WomenofFinTech | Birce Ciravoglu, M&A & Expansion Director at Papara

Author: Laura Weeks

Published date: 2023/07

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Joining Nadia on this episode of The DEI Discussions is Birce Ciravoglu, M&A & Expansion Director at Papara.

In this episode, we explore Birce's remarkable journey at Papara, a top FinTech company in Turkey. Birce is passionate about bridging the gap and connecting technology with finance and has played a crucial role in transforming the financial landscape in Turkey.

Birce is a strong advocate for inclusion and emphasises that diversity is key to being innovative and successful. We learn about how Papara promotes inclusivity through their policies and a women-in-tech boot camp, these efforts have contributed to their impressive achievements.

Being a strong supporter of women, she believes that our unique qualities make us strong, not weak. We’re encouraged to embrace our differences and not let societal pressures hold us back.

Tune in as we delve into Birce's remarkable journey, her efforts to foster inclusion and find out what more you can do to implement workplace inclusion.