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Restoring Trust in Digital Assets | FinTech Focus TV Debate Series with Helen Disney, Jack McDonald & Matthew Homer

Author: Georgia Richardson

Published date: 2023/07

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On this special episode of FinTech Focus TV, Toby is joined by a panel of experts to add their take on the polarising debate around digital assets.

Toby is delighted to welcome:

💫 Helen Disney, Director of The Realization Group

💫 Jack McDonald, CEO & Chairman of the Board at PolySign, Inc.

💫 Matthew Homer, Board Director of Gemini and Managing Member, The Department of XYZ 

FTX caused quite the stir in the earlier half of this year. Do the anxieties of this period persist today?

Are institutions more open to adopting digital assets, or does skepticism persist?

With the merge of TradFi and DeFi picking up pace, we can't just ignore digital assets. So, how will you choose to embrace them?

Watch this special episode of FinTech Focus TV to join the debate.​