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Client-Led, Game Changing Tech | FinTech Focus TV w/ Dino Dedic, Chief Operating Officer, Marvelsoft

Author: Lydia Sear

Published date: 2023/07

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In this episode of FinTech Focus TV, Toby introduces Dino Dedic, COO of Marvelsoft, a company redefining electronic trading.

The conversation centres around Marvelsoft's expansion into the Asian market, which brought unique challenges, due to cultural differences surrounding the pandemic, and evolving trading trends.

Dino emphasizes the importance of agility and adaptability to cater to the specific needs of Asian markets. Marvelsoft's platform provides affordable, accessible technology and automation workflows, enabling financial institutions to compete in a rapidly changing industry.

The discussion also highlights customer-centricity and the democratisation of trading technology. Marvelsoft aims to offer a platform that combines advanced tools, open architecture, and customization capabilities, empowering clients to automate processes and stay ahead of the curve.

Dino emphasizes the collaborative nature of the industry, urging disruptors to challenge the status quo and provide tailored solutions. With a focus on customer demand and continuous innovation, Marvelsoft is perfectly poised for growth in Europe and Asia.