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A Retention Stratergy That Works | The Financial Technology Salary Survey

Author: Pete Delleani, AVP

Published date: 2023/08

Pete Delleani Salary Survey Blog

Application Support USA Professionals' Salary Insights: A Comprehensive Survey Revealing Earnings Across the Industry

Application Support salaries in the past year have been relatively stable.

Complimented by good compensation packages; and remote work is a prominent part of this. As salaries are consistent, candidates are active in ensuring they secure the compensation package they would like.

Typical benefits include: medical, dental, vision, and a 401k (savings plan) with a company match. If a firm offers all of the aforementioned, plus a salary that is at least market value, this represents a “good package”.

Despite stability in salaries, the space still remains highly competitive. The FinTech sector is home to a lot of talented individuals— and firms are doing all they can to retain these top performers. Subsequently, we aren’t seeing an increase in the availability of roles.

The remainder of 2023 will see the latter conditions continue. But beyond that, I suspect we’ll begin to see movements that could present a very different story.

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